Ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra & Rome; Pyramids & castles; Petroglyphs & Inscriptions

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Would you like to learn more about ancient civilizations?

Let AGE ™ inspire you! Ancient civilizations ... a journey back in time to the roots of mankind. We have documented the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Petra, Jordan and Rome. Together we visit pyramids, palaces, castles, temples and historical places. Admire petroglyphs, inscriptions, mosaics, and cave paintings.

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Ancient civilizations

The Ad Deir Monastery of Petra Jordan. The colossal historic building is one of the highlights of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest buildings in the rock city

The treasure house is the most famous sight of the famous rock city Petra in Jordan. The nickname Treasury of the Pharaoh ...

Ancient Jerash, also known as Gerasa, was one of the greatest cities of late antiquity in the Middle East. Occasional traces from the Iron and Bronze Ages were also found.

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