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Biodiversity in the Red Sea!

Diving in Egypt has been a top favorite among divers for years and rightly so. But how is it today? AGE™ marveled at the biodiversity in Egypt in 2022: hard corals, soft corals and anemones; reef edges and seagrass beds; The underwater world on the Red Sea is lively and varied. Still. You just need to know where. Hurghada used to be considered an insider tip, but today the south of Egypt is a diving paradise. Large and small reef fish, rays, sea turtles, dolphins and manatees enrich your diving holiday there. And snorkelers will also get their money's worth in Egypt. The area around Marsa Alam offers varied bays and reefs and even further south the waters around the Wadi el Gemal National Park lure. Enjoy the Red Sea and get inspired by AGE™.

active holiday • Africa • Arabia • Egypt • Snorkeling and Diving in Egypt

Snorkeling in Egypt

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Snorkeling in Egypt on your own
Im reef From your accommodation you can usually snorkel on your own and see numerous colorful reef fish and various discover corals. Private snorkeling is also sometimes possible on the private beaches of some facilities for an entrance fee. Of the Abu Dabbab Beach for example is known for the Observation of sea turtles close to the beach and therefore a nice snorkeling destination.

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Snorkeling tours in Egypt
Egypt is a paradise for snorkelers. Here you can to your heart's content Explore coral reefs. Typical snorkeling tours of the Sinai Peninsula go by boat Tiran Island or in the Ras Mohammed National Park. From Hurghada, for example, the Giftun Island and Paradise Island approached. At Marsa Alam, the snorkeling tour is particularly popular Shaab Samadai Reef (Dolphin House) famous. There the dream of Swimming with dolphins come true. Also the Observation of manatees is possible at Marsa Alam. With a little luck you can accompany a dugong on the water surface while snorkeling. Typical areas for this are Marsa Mubarak, Marsa Abu Dabbab and Marsa Egla. In Abu Dabbab, for example, Blue Ocean Dive Dugong tours. Furthermore, trips to the Hamata Islands in the national park Wadi El Gemal or tours in Sataya Reef popular.

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Joint excursions for divers & snorkelers
Excursions like this are ideal, especially if not all of your fellow travelers are divers. Some of the two-day tours to Sataya Reef In addition to snorkeling, we also offer 1 to 2 dives for an extra charge. So everyone gets their money's worth. Conversely, some liveaboards also take snorkelers on board. Even easier are trips to bays for shore dives, which are also suitable for snorkeling. Dive resorts such as The Oasis offer diving and snorkeling including equipment and transport around Marsa Alam. Even on a day trip to the popular Dolphinhouse you can go on board together.

Dive sites in Egypt

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Diving in Egypt for beginners
Slowly sloping beaches and reef edges are perfect for your first diving course. Here you can beautiful Discover coral reefs and Watch sea turtles. In addition, Egypt has several shipwrecks to offer, which are suitable even for new Open Water Divers. The wreck of the Sarah at Sha`ab Ali at a depth of only 3 to 15 meters, the wreck of the Hatour at Safaga at 9 to 15 meters and the shipwreck Hamada at Abu Ghusun at 16 meters seabed are waiting for you.

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday. Diving in Egypt for advanced divers
Offer in the area of ​​the Sinai Peninsula Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohammed and the Strait at Tiran interesting diving areas. On the east coast of Egypt there is at Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Shams Alam Lots to discover for beginners and professionals. Shaab Abu Nugar, for example, has several cleaning stations to offer. Dolphinhouse, Sataya Reef and Shaab Marsa Alam offer opportunities for the Encounter with dolphins. Shaab Samadai Reef (Dolphin House) there is also a small cave system to discover in a coral block. At Marsa Mubarak, Marsa Abu Dabbab or Marsa Egla you can, with a good portion of luck, get one Watch dugong eat, On night dive in the reef promises new impressions. Advanced Open Water Divers may use the colorful coral world Explore the house reef independently with your buddy. Of course there are also numerous for advanced divers shipwrecks in the Red Sea. The Thistlegorm at Sha`ab Ali lies at a depth of 16 to 31 meters and offers cars and motorcycles as interesting cargo.

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Diving in Egypt for experienced people
Elphinstone, a 600 meter long reef that drops several hundred meters in depth promises gorgeous corals and the chance to see sharks such as oceanic whitetips (Longimanus). Elphinstone is accessible by boat. From the Dive Resort The Oasis it is only about 30 minutes away and is approached by zodiac. That Daedalus Reef and the Brother Islands on the other hand, can only be reached by liveaboard. They offer good odds for that Diving with sharks. Typical representatives there are hammerhead sharks and white tip reef sharks. Eagle rays, manta rays and barracuda can also be spotted. Due to the current conditions, all three diving areas are only permitted for Advanced Open Water Divers with approx. 50 logged dives.

Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea in Egypt. The best dive sites. Tips for your diving holiday Diving in Egypt for TEC divers
Egypt has a notorious dive site that magically attracts dive professionals: The Blue Hole. It is located on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula near by Dahab. A collapsed karst cave forms a hole in the reef top about 50 meters in diameter. The entrance is right on the coast. The target for TEC divers is a rock arch at a depth of around 55 meters. It connects the Blue Hole with the open sea via a 25 meter long exit. As the most dangerous diving spot in the world, this place has gained notoriety. It is the combination of wall diving in deep blue, cave diving and great depth. According to estimates, 300 people have already lost their lives in the deep intoxication. Be aware of the danger and your limits.
active holiday • Africa • Arabia • Egypt • Snorkeling and Diving in Egypt
AGE™ Dive Egypt 2022 with The Oasis Diving Center:
The PADI and SSI certified diving school des Dive Resorts The Oasis is located on the Red Sea of ​​Egypt between Marsa Alam and Abu Dabbab. The dive center offers shore dives, boat dives and diving on its own house reef. Newcomers enjoy their first dives among sea turtles and in colorful coral reefs while completing their diving license (OWD). The Nitrox course is particularly popular with advanced users because, like all Werner Lau diving bases Nitrox is free with a valid license. You should also not miss the day trip to the popular Dolphinhouse. Pros look forward to Elphinstone. This challenging dive site with good chances of big fish is only about 30 minutes by zodiac from the dive resort. The Oasis offers a feel-good environment, good equipment, well-trained diving instructors and lots of diving fun.

Snorkeling & Diving Experiences in Egypt

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences A special experience!
Coral reefs, colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins and manatees. Egypt is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world and rightly so.

Offer Price Cost Admission Sight Travel How much does snorkeling and diving cost in Egypt?
Snorkeling tours are available from 25 euros and guided dives from 25 to 40 euros. Be aware of possible changes and clarify the current conditions personally with your provider in advance. Prices as a guide. Price increases and special offers possible. As of 2022.
Excursion Dolphin House
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesDolphin House (Shaab Samadai Reef)
This is probably the most popular snorkeling tour in Egypt. The chance to swim with dolphins costs between 40 and 100 euros per person, depending on the provider. You should pay attention to group size, ratings of the provider and respectful treatment of the animals. AGE™ was with in 2022 the oasis on a combined diving and snorkeling tour in the Shaab Samadai Reef and very satisfied. The all-day trip including lunch and entry costs around 70 euros for snorkelers. For divers, the price with 2 dives and an additional snorkeling option during the lunch break was around 125 euros. As of 2022. Please note possible changes. You can find current prices here .
Dugong Snorkel Tour
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesManatee Tours (Dugong Tour)
Seeing a dugong is among the most exciting things to do in Egypt. The animals are rare, so luck is also required. In Abu Dabbab and Marsa Mubarak, there are snorkeling zodiac tours that specifically search for the dugong. The price is between 35 and 65 euros. AGE™ was with in 2022 Blue Ocean Dive near Abu Dabbab looking for Dugong and could look forward to a great sighting. The price was $40 per snorkeler for 2 hours. Please note possible changes. You can find current prices here .
Diving without a guide
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesUnaccompanied diving in Egypt
Two dive buddies with an Advanced Open Water Diver license can dive in Egypt without a guide. Especially if your accommodation has a beautiful house reef, this is a cheap and independent way to explore the underwater world. For house reef packages with scuba tanks and weights for several days, prices of less than 15 euros per dive and diver are possible. As of 2023. Please note possible changes.
Shore dives with guide
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesGuided shore dives
Many dives in Egypt are shore dives. You will be transported to the starting point, put on your equipment and go straight into the sea from the beach with diving equipment. The Diving Center of The Oasis Dive Resort at Marsa Alam, for example, offers a diving package with 230 guided shore dives (+ 6 house reef dives without a guide) including tank and weights as well as transport and diving guide for around 3 euros. Depending on the dive site, entrance fees may apply. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent it for an extra charge of around 35 euros per day. As of 2023. Please note possible changes. You can find current prices here .
Boat dives with guide
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesGuided boat dives
A boat tour is worthwhile for diving areas such as Elphinstone or Dolphinhouse. At some dive sites there is also the possibility to be taken away from the beach by zodiac and then to return by distance dive. Depending on the provider, route, diving area, number of dives and duration of the tour, the boat fee (in addition to the diving fee) is around 20 to 70 euros. As of 2022. Please note possible changes.
Snorkel Ship and Liveaboard
More information and details about the offer. Prices and costs as well as entrance fees for sights, travel and activitiesMulti-day tours for snorkelers and divers
For snorkelers, a two-day cruise to Sataya Reef is ideal for experiencing the beautiful south of Egypt underwater. Some providers also offer dives on such "overnight tours". Offers are around 120-180 euros. A one-week diving safari in the Red Sea in Egypt costs between 700 euros and 1400 euros per person. Well-known diving areas such as Elphinstone, Daedalus Reef and Fury Shoals are approached. As of 2022. Please note possible changes.

Diving conditions in Egypt

What is the water temperature like when diving and snorkeling? Which diving suit or wetsuit suits the temperature What is the water temperature in Egypt?
In summer the water is very warm with up to 30°C and 3mm neoprene is more than enough for your adventure on the Red Sea. In winter, the water temperature drops to around 20°C. For dives, suits with 7mm are appropriate and a neoprene hood and an undersuit increase your comfort. Diving in Egypt is possible all year round.

What is the visibility when diving and snorkeling in the diving area? What diving conditions do divers and snorkelers have underwater? What is the usual underwater visibility?
Overall, visibility in Egypt is very good. 15-20 meter visibility in the reef is common. Depending on the weather and diving area, visibility of up to 40 meters and more is possible. If the bottom is sandy, visibility may be reduced due to turbulence.

Notes on Symbol for notes on dangers and warnings. What is important to consider? Are there, for example, poisonous animals? Are there any dangers in the water?
As you step onto the seabed, keep an eye out for stingrays, stonefish and sea urchins. The lionfish is also poisonous. Its venom is not deadly, but extremely painful. Contact with fire corals can also cause severe burning and allergic reactions. Since you, as a responsible underwater guest, do not touch any living beings, you have nothing to fear. Depending on the diving area, for example at Elphinstone, you should definitely pay attention to currents.

Diving and snorkeling Afraid of sharks? Fear of sharks - is the concern justified?
The "Global Shark Attack File" lists a total of 1828 shark attacks in Egypt since 24. Several incidents were recorded in Sharm el Sheikh between 2007 and 2010. After that it was quiet for a long time. However, in 2022 two women were fatally injured while swimming in Hurghada by an oceanic whitetip shark and in June 2023 a tiger shark killed a young man.
Statistically, shark attacks are very rare. However, the country should urgently take care to protect the waters from waste and animal carcasses so as not to actively feed sharks. Overall, encounters between sharks and divers in Egypt are relatively rare and there is usually more cause for celebration than worry if you do see one of these majestic creatures.

Special features and highlights in the diving area Egypt. Diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. Corals, Dolphins, Manatees (Dugong) The underwater world of the Red Sea
Egypt is known for its colorful coral reefs made up of hard and soft corals. Numerous reef fish cavort there and larger fish species such as parrotfish, triggerfish, puffer fish, boxfish and lionfish can also be observed regularly. Cute anemone fish, unusual blue spotted rays and impressive large-mouthed mackerel inspire amateur photographers. You can also discover pipefish, shrimp, snails like the Spanish dancer, moray eels or an octopus. In the right places you have the best chance of seeing sea turtles and dolphins. You need much more luck to spot a dugong or seahorse. Sharks are mainly found in diving areas with strong currents for experienced divers, otherwise sharks are rarely seen when diving in Egypt.
active holiday • Africa • Arabia • Egypt • Snorkeling and Diving in Egypt

Localization information

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where is Egypt?
Egypt is located in northeast Africa, only the Sinai Peninsula is on the Asian continent. Northern Egypt has access to the Mediterranean Sea. Eastern Egypt borders the Red Sea. Typical diving areas on the Red Sea are Hurghada, Safaga, Abu Dabbab, Marsa Alam and Shams Alam on the east coast and Sharm El Sheikh near Sinai. The official language is Arabic.

For your travel planning

Fact sheet Weather Climate table Temperature Best travel time How is the weather in Egypt?
The climate in Egypt is hot and dry, with significantly cooler nights. The coast is more temperate than the interior. On the Red Sea, summer (May to September) brings daytime temperatures of around 35°C. The winter (November to February) remains rather mild with 10 to 20°C. Little rain, lots of sun and the wind blows all year round by the sea.
Go off on holiday. Cairo Airport and Marsa Alam. Ferry connections Egypt. Entry by land. How to reach Egypt?
There are very good air connections to Egypt, especially via the large international airport in the capital, Cairo. You can also fly to Marsa Alam for a diving holiday. Entry by land is unusual, but possible at the Taba / Eilat border crossing from Israel. Here, however, you only get a 14-day visa for the Sinai Peninsula (as of 2022). You could also enter by ferry. There are regular ferries between Nuweiba in Egypt and Aquaba in Jordan. Less frequently, there is also a ferry between Aswan in Egypt and Wadi Halfa in Sudan. The diving areas Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are also temporarily connected by ferry traffic. There are good bus connections between Cairo and Marsa Alam.

Enjoy your diving holiday in The Oasis Dive Resort.
Explore the land of the pharaohs with the AGE™ Egypt Travel Guide.
Experience even more adventure with Diving and snorkeling worldwide.

active holiday • Africa • Arabia • Egypt • Snorkeling and Diving in Egypt

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