Art, culture and cities

Art, culture and cities

Lively history & tradition, cities & UNESCO world cultural heritage

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Do you appreciate the diversity of culture?

Let AGE ™ inspire you! A selection of cultural highlights: From the desert to the Walk of Fame to the roots of civilization. Lively story; Charming tradition; Enjoy the gifts from different cultures, for example in the rock city of Petra, in Rome and Hollywood as well as in the Black Forest. Art, culture and cities ...

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Culture and cities

The world's largest cuckoo clock is as high as a house and can be walked on. Visit the Guinness Book Records in Triberg and Schonach.

Reykjavik Capital of Iceland Sights & Landmarks: Hallgrim's Church, Harpa Concert Hall and Perlan Museum ...

Longyearbyen is often referred to as the capital of Spitsbergen. For tourists, the "northernmost city in the world" is a gateway to the Arctic.

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