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On an Antarctic cruise with the expedition ship Sea Spirit

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Casual comfort meets adventure!

The Cruise ship Sea Spirit Poseidon Expeditions travels some of the most remote places in the world with around 100 passengers on board. Also the longing destination Antarctica and the animal paradise South Georgia lie on his expedition route. Special experiences in breathtaking nature and memories for eternity are guaranteed.

The above-average passenger-crew ratio enables smooth operations, good service on board and plenty of space on land. The competent expedition team accompanies the guests with heart and mind and a lot of personal enthusiasm through the unique world of icebergs, penguins and polar explorers. Unforgettable expedition days and top-class animal observations alternate with casual comfort and relaxing time out on the high seas. There will also be informative lectures and good food. The perfect mix for an extraordinary journey to an extraordinary continent.

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• Sea Spirit cruise ship • review

Experience a cruise on the Sea Spirit

Wrapped up thickly and with a cup of steaming tea in my hand, I let my thoughts wander. My gaze drifts with the waves; Sunbeams dance on my face and a world of water and space passes by. Eternal, never-ending horizon accompanies my gaze. Fresh wind, the breath of the sea and a breath of freedom blows around me. The sea whispers. I can almost still hear the cracking of the ice and the dull sound when a piece of drift ice breaks on the ship's hull. It's sea day. Breathing space between two worlds. The white wonderland of Antarctica is behind us. Meter-high icebergs, hunting leopard seals, lazy Weddell seals, a fantastic sunset in the drift ice and, of course, penguins. Antarctica went above and beyond to enchant us. Now South Georgia beckons - one of the most fascinating animal paradises of our time.


AGE™ traveled for you on the cruise ship Sea Spirit
The Cruise ship Sea Spirit is about 90 meters long and 15 meters wide. It has 47 guest cabins for 2 people each, 6 cabins for 3 people and 1 owner's suite for 2-3 people. The rooms are divided over 5 ship decks: On the main deck the cabins have portholes, on the Oceanus Deck and the Club Deck there are windows and the sports deck and the sun deck have their own balcony. The cabins are 20 to 24 square meters. 6 premium suites even have 30 square meters and the owner's suite offers 63 square meters of space and access to the private deck. Each cabin has a private bathroom and is equipped with TV, refrigerator, safe, small table, wardrobe and individual temperature control. Queen-size beds or single beds are available. Apart from the 3-person cabins, all rooms also have a sofa.
The Club Lounge offers a communal area with picture windows, coffee and tea station, bar and library access, as well as access to the wraparound Outdoor Deck 4. There is a large lecture room with multiple screens, a warm outdoor hot tub and a small fitness room with exercise equipment. Reception and expedition desk will help with questions and an infirmary is available for emergencies. Since 2019, modern stabilizers have increased travel comfort in rough seas. Meals are eaten in the restaurant and once or twice on deck in the open air. The full board is rich and varied. It includes a great breakfast, tea time with sandwiches and sweets, and a multi-course lunch and dinner.
Towels, life jackets, rubber boots and expedition parkas are provided. There are enough zodiacs available for excursions so that all passengers can travel at the same time. Kayaks are also available, but these must be booked separately and in advance in the form of a Kayak Club membership. With a maximum of 114 guests and 72 crew members, the Sea Spirit's passenger-to-crew ratio is exceptional. The twelve-person expedition team enables small groups and extensive shore excursions with plenty of freedom. Furthermore, the competent specialist lectures and the pleasant atmosphere on board with an international crew as well as a lot of passion for science and wildlife should be emphasized.
AccomodationAntarcticaAntarctic trip • South Shetland • Antarctic PeninsulaSouth Georgia 
• Sea Spirit cruise ship • review

Overnight in Antarctic waters

5 reasons to travel to Antarctica with Poseidon & Sea Spirit

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Specialized in polar travel: 22 years of expertise
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Charming ship with large cabins and lots of wood
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Plenty of time for shore leave due to the limited number of passengers
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Super expedition team & breathtaking nature
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Ship route including South Georgia possible

Accommodation Vacation Hotel Pension Vacation Apartment Book Overnight How much does a night on the Sea Spirit cost?
Prices vary by route, date, cabin and duration of travel. Longer trips are relatively cheaper. Three week cruise incl. Antarctica and South Georgia are regularly available from approx. 11.500 euros per person (3-person cabin) or from approx. 16.000 euros per person (2-person cabin). The price is around 550 to 750 euros per night per person.
This includes cabin, full board, equipment and all activities and excursions (except kayaking). The program includes shore leave and exploration trips with the zodiac as well as scientific lectures. Please note possible changes.
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• Antarctic cruises of approximately 10 to 14 days
– from approx. 750 euros per person and day in a 3-bed room
– from around €1000 per person per day in a 2-bed room
– from approx. €1250 per person per day with balcony

• Expedition cruise Antarctica & South Georgia with approx. 20-22 days
– from around €550 per person per day in a 3-bed room
– from around €800 per person per day in a 2-bed room
– from approx. €950 per person per day with balcony

• Attention, the prices vary greatly depending on the month of travel.
• Prices as a guide. Price increases and special offers possible.

As of 2022. You can find current prices here .

Accommodation Vacation Hotel Pension Vacation Apartment Book Overnight Who are typical guests on this cruise?
Couples and single travelers alike are guests of the Sea Spirit. Most passengers are between 30 and 70 years old. They all share a fascination for the seventh continent. Bird watchers, animal lovers in general and polar explorers at heart have come to the right place. It is also nice that the passenger list at Poseidon Expeditions is very international. The atmosphere on board is casual, friendly and relaxed.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where does the expedition cruise take place?
A Poseidon cruise to Antarctica begins and ends in South America. Typical ports for the Sea Spirit are Ushuaia (the southernmost city of Argentina), Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina) or Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay).
During an Antarctic expedition voyage, the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula can be explored. For three-week excursions, you will also receive South Georgia experience and visit Falklands. The Sea Spirit crosses the Beagle Channel and the infamous Drake Passage, you experience the icy Southern Ocean, cross the Antarctic Convergence Zone and travel the South Atlantic. Please note possible changes.

Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which sights can you experience?
On a cruise with the Sea Spirit you can do special things Animal Species of Antarctica see. Leopard seals and Weddell seals lie on ice floes, you will encounter fur seals on the shore and with a bit of luck you will discover several species of penguins. Chinstrap penguins, gentoo penguins and Adelie penguins have their habitat here.
In Wildlife of South Georgia is unique. The huge penguin breeding colonies are particularly impressive. Thousands and thousands of king penguins breed here! There are also gentoo penguins and macaroni penguins, fur seals are raising their young and giant elephant seals populate the beaches.
In Animals of Falkland complement this trip. Here you can discover other penguin species, for example the Magellanic penguin. Numerous albatrosses can already be observed on the high seas in the South Atlantic and in good weather it is also possible to visit their breeding colony on Falkland.
Also varied landscapes are among the special sights of this remote area. Deception Island, one of the South Shetland Islands, surprises with a wonderful volcanic landscape. The Antactic Peninsula promises snow, ice and glacial fronts. Icebergs and drift ice enchant in the Southern Ocean. South Georgia Tussock has grassy fields, waterfalls and rolling hills to offer and Falkland completes the report of this trip with its rugged coastal landscape.
On the way you also have good chances from the ship Watching whales and dolphins. The months of February and March are considered the best time for this. AGE™ was able to observe a pod of Fin Whales feeding, some Humpback Whales, spot a Sperm Whale in the distance, and get up close and personal with a huge pod of Dolphins playing and jumping.
If you before or after your Cruise Experience Antarctica & Ssouthern georgia If you want to extend your vacation, then you can explore Ushuaia and the beautiful nature of Tierra del Fuego

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation What does the Sea Spirit Expedition Program offer?
Hiking in a lonely landscape. Zodiac driving between icebergs. Hear giant elephant seals roar. Marvel at different species of penguins. And watch adorable baby seals. The personal experience of nature and animals is clearly in the foreground. Up close, impressive and full of happy moments.
In addition, the Sea Spirit touches on some of the places that are part of the incredible story of Shackleton's famous polar excursion. The program also includes a visit to former whaling stations or a research station in Antarctica. Different excursions are planned twice a day (except on sea days). There are also lectures on board, as well as bird watching and whale watching on the high seas.
From personal experience, AGE™ can attest that expedition leader Ab and his team were outstanding. Highly motivated, in a good mood and concerned about safety, but willing to get wet for a landing to offer the guests a fantastic experience. Due to the limited number of passengers on the Sea Spirit, extensive shore leave of 3-4 hours each was possible.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacationIs there good information about nature and animals?
In any case. The Sea Spirit expedition team includes geologists, biologists and historians who are happy to answer questions and give a variety of lectures. High-quality information is a matter of course.
At the end of the trip we also received a USB stick as a farewell gift. Among other things, it contains a daily updated list of animal sightings as well as a wonderful slide show with impressive pictures taken by the on-board photographer.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Who is Poseidon Expeditions?
Poseidon Expeditions specializes in expedition cruises to the polar region. Svalbard, Greenland, Franz Josef Land and Iceland; The South Shetland Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falklands; The main thing is a harsh climate, spectacular scenery and remote. Icebreaker trips to the North Pole are also possible. The company was founded in Great Britain in 1999. There are now offices in China, Germany, England, Russia, the USA and Cyprus. The Sea Spirit has been part of the Poseidon fleet since 2015.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation How does Poseidon care for the environment?
The company belongs to both AECO (Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) and IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) and follows all standards for environmentally conscious travel set out there.
Onboard biosecurity control is taken very seriously, particularly in Antarctica and South Georgia. Even daypacks are checked on board to make sure no one brings in seeds. On all expedition trips, passengers are instructed to clean and disinfect their rubber boots after each shore leave to prevent the spread of diseases or seeds.
Single-use plastic has been largely banned from shipboards. When traveling in the Arctic, crew and passengers collect plastic waste on the beaches. Fortunately, this is not (yet) necessary in the Antarctic. The ship's speed is throttled to save fuel, and stabilizers reduce vibration and noise.
The lectures on board impart knowledge. Critical topics such as global warming and the dangers of overfishing are also discussed. A journey excites guests to the beauty of the remote continent. It becomes tangible and personal. This also strengthens the willingness to work for the preservation of Antarctica.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Is there anything to consider before a stay?
The Sea Spirit was built in 1991 and is therefore a bit older. The ship was renovated in 2017 and modernized in 2019. The Sea Spirit is not an icebreaker, it can only push aside drift ice, which is perfectly adequate for this voyage. The onboard language is English. Simultaneous translation into German will also be offered for lectures. Due to the international team, there are contact persons in different languages.
An expedition cruise requires a little flexibility from every guest. Weather, ice or animal behavior may necessitate a change of plan. Surefootedness on land and when climbing the Zodiacs is important. You definitely don't have to be athletic, but you have to be good on your feet. A high-quality expedition parka and warm rubber boots are provided, you should definitely bring good water pants with you. There is no dress code. Casual to sporty attire is perfectly appropriate on this ship.
The internet on board is very slow and often simply unavailable. Leave your phone alone and enjoy the here and now.

Opening times planning sightseeing vacation When can you get on board?
This depends on the trip. You can usually go on board directly on the first day of travel. Sometimes, for organizational reasons, one night in a hotel on land is included. In this case you will board on day 1. Embarkation is usually at noon. Transport to the ship is by shuttle bus. Your luggage will be transported and awaits you on the ship in your room.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark Vacation How is the catering on the Sea Spirit?
The food was good and plentiful. Lunch and dinner were served as a 3 course menu. Soup, salad, tenderly cooked meat, fish, vegetarian dishes and a wide variety of desserts. The plates were always nicely prepared. Half portions were also possible on request and special requests were gladly fulfilled. The breakfast offered everything your heart could desire, from Bilcher muesli and oatmeal to omelets, avocado beagle, bacon, cheese and salmon to pancakes, waffles and fresh fruit.
Water, tea and coffee are freely available. Fresh orange juice and occasionally grapefruit juice were also served for breakfast. On request there was also cocoa free of charge. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can be purchased if required.

Follow us on the AGE™ Experience report to the end of the world and beyond.
The rugged beauty of South Shetland, to our Tryst with Antarctica
and among penguins to South Georgia.
Explore the lonely kingdom of the cold on a Antarctica and South Georgia dream trip.

AccomodationAntarcticaAntarctic trip • South Shetland • Antarctic PeninsulaSouth Georgia 
• Sea Spirit cruise ship • review
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On-site information and personal experience on an expedition cruise on the Sea Spirit from Ushuaia via the South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falklands to Buenos Aires in March 2022. AGE™ stayed in a cabin with balcony on the sports deck.

Poseidon Expeditions (1999-2022), Home page of Poseidon Expeditions. Traveling to Antarctica [online] Retrieved 04.05.2022-XNUMX-XNUMX, from URL:

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