Antarctica Travel Guide & South Georgia Travel Guide 

Antarctica Travel Guide & South Georgia Travel Guide 

Fantastic Antarctic expedition with the Sea Spirit

from AGE ™ Travel Magazine
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Are you planning a trip to Antarctica?

Get inspired by AGE™! Follow in the footsteps of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and join us on a three-week Antarctic expedition with the Sea Spirit from Ushuaia via the southern Shetland Islands, to the Antarctic Peninsula and to the sub-Antarctic animal paradise of South Georgia. Fascinating landscapes, huge icebergs and a unique animal world are waiting for you. 5 species of penguins, Weddell seals, leopard seals, fur seals, elephant seals, albatross and whales. What more do you want? The cost and effort of an Antarctic trip is well worth it.

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Antarctica and South Georgia Travel Guide

Adventurous polar travel enthusiasts can kayak between icebergs in the Arctic & Antarctic. But this is also possible in Iceland.

The Sea Spirit offers adventure and comfort for ~100 guests: Experience the longed-for destination of Antarctica and the animal paradise of South Georgia on a cruise.

Grytviken is an abandoned settlement and whaling station on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. A small museum welcomes visitors.

When can you experience midnight sun? How long is it light in late summer? Find the best travel time for your Antarctic adventure.

The volcanic island of Deception Island is politically part of Antarctica and is an active volcano. Its water-filled caldera serves as a natural harbor.

The beautiful scenery of Portal Point is the perfect place to set foot on the Antarctic continent for the first time on an Antarctic voyage.

Unique travel destinations for your Antarctic expedition, authentic reports, beautiful animal photos and tips for planning your trip.

The ice-loving Adelie penguins are the highlight of a landing at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula at Brown Bluff.

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