Point Wild on Elephant Island, cruising South Shetland

Point Wild on Elephant Island, cruising South Shetland

Ernest Shackleton • Chinstrap Penguins • Glaciers

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Subantarctic Island

South Shetland Islands

elephant island

Elephant Island is a glaciated rocky island north of the Antarctic Peninsula. It is part of the South Shetland Islands and is known as the refuge of Ernest Shackleton's Endurance Expedition.

After months of struggling to survive, the shipwrecked crew camped for another four and a half months at Camp Wild on the small pebble beach of Elephant Island. The bust on the island depicts Luis Prado, the Chilean captain with whose help Ernest Shackleton was finally able to rescue his men. Besides this fascinating history, Elephant Island also has chinstrap penguins and a beautiful glacier to offer.

Grytviken is nestled in the majestic landscape of South Georgia

The AGE™ experience report about the rugged beauty of South Shetland takes you on a journey. Follow us to the sanctuary of Shackleton's men and be there when it says fin whales in sight. After Halfmoon Island and Deception island Elephant Island was the third southern Shetland Island on our Antarctic voyage on Sea Spirit.

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