Gashamna cultural heritage site in Hornsund, Spitsbergen

Gashamna cultural heritage site in Hornsund, Spitsbergen

Historical Whaling • Hunting Lodge • Heritage Site Spitsbergen

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Arctic – Svalbard Archipelago

Main island of Svalbard

Gashamna Heritage Site

Gashamna is a cultural heritage of Svalbard because it preserves remains from the age of trappers and whalers. Tourists can visit the cultural site during a Svalbard cruise. Gashamna is located at the end of Hornsund, the southernmost fjord in Spitsbergen and is part of the South Spitsbergen National Park.

Tourists can see the remains of a trapper's hut from 1906 as well as the remains of a former blubber oven used by whalers from the 17th century on shore leave. Particularly impressive are the large whale bones that lie scattered on both sides of the bay and are 300 to 400 years old. They probably come from fin whales or blue whales.

Whale bones at Gashamna in Hornsund Spitsbergen Svalbard cruise

Whale bones at Gashamna in Hornsund Spitsbergen Svalbard cruise

In addition, there are remains of the Russian wintering station Konstantinova on Spitsbergen near Gashamna. This station was used by the Arc de Meridian, the Russian-Swedish expedition that discovered in the late 19th century that the Earth is flattened at the poles.

For tourists who are less interested in the hunting culture of Spitsbergen and more interested in the breathtaking nature of Svalbard, a shore excursion at Gnalodden is recommended. This landing point is not far from Gashamna and is also in Hornsund. The AGE™ experience report “Svalbard Cruise: From Foxes and Reindeer to the Northernmost City in the World” takes you on a journey.

Our Svalbard travel guide will take you on a tour of the various attractions, sights and wildlife viewing.

Explore the Hornsund, the southernmost fjord of Svalbard.
Tourists can also discover Spitsbergen with an expedition ship, for example with the Sea Spirit.
Explore the arctic islands of Norway with the AGE™ Svalbard Travel Guide.

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