Entry Komodo National Park Fees: Rumors & Facts

Entry Komodo National Park Fees: Rumors & Facts

Why the fee is constantly changing, what is behind it and what you have to reckon with.

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Viewpoint on Rinca Island Komodo National Park Indonesia

To the first, to the second – who offers more?

Between 2019 and 2023, changes to the Komodo National Park entrance fee were announced, implemented, withdrawn, postponed and rescheduled. By now, many travelers are understandably confused. The amounts involved are as varied as $10 per person, $500 per person, or even $1000 per person.

Here you can find out how this mess came about, what was planned and what actually applies in 2023.

1. Fight against mass tourism
-> Instead of 10 dollars 500 dollars entrance fee?
2. The super premium destination
-> Increase to 1000 dollars planned
3. The national park as a motor of the economy
-> A safari park for the island of Rinca
4. And then came the Covid19 pandemic
-> 250 dollars after a long lockdown
5. Postponed and then cancelled
-> Back to $10 due to strikes
6. Entry Fee Komodo National Park 2023
-> How the entry 2023 is composed
7. Ranger fee increase 2023
-> A new tactic in pricing policy?
8. Impact on tourism, country and people
-> Uncertainty & new plans
9. Influence on animal, nature and environmental protection
-> Money isn't everything, is it?
10. Own opinion on the topic
-> Personal solutions

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Fight against mass tourism

In 2018, the authorities announced for the first time that they intend to reduce the number of tourists on Komodo Island again. In principle, a very sensible and important thought, because the number of visitors rose exponentially up until the Corona pandemic. After the airport on Flores was enlarged in 2014 to be able to transport more tourists, in 2016 around 9000 visitors per month were registered in Komodo National Park. In 2017 there were already 10.000 tourists a month. Huge cruise ships with several hundred people also went ashore.

Gentle eco-tourism brings in money for the population, promotes understanding for the rare Komodo dragons and supports the preservation of the protected area, but here the rush had clearly become too great. The Indonesian government announced that the entry fee for Komodo National Park would increase from IDR 2020 (approx. USD 150.000) per day to around USD 10 in 500. This should reduce visitor numbers and protect the Komodo dragons.

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The super premium destination

But then new plans were made and the announced increase for 2020 was no longer valid. Instead of $500, the entrance fee was initially only around $10 per day and person. At the same time, however, the Indonesian Ministry of the Interior set a new fee increase for January 2021. A visit to Komodo Island should cost a whopping $1000 in the future. A hundred times as much as before.

In a speech on November 28.11.2019, XNUMX, Indonesian President Joko Widodo called on Labuan Bajo to become a super premium travel destination. Labuan Bajo tourism management must be careful not to mix with lower-middle-class tourist destinations. Only tourists with large purses are welcome.

Admission was fixed as an annual fee. Anyone who pays $1000 should in future receive a one-year membership that allows them to visit Komodo Island during that time. The number of members should also be limited to 50.000 per year.

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The national park as a motor of the economy

The number of tourists should therefore be reduced to protect the Komodo dragons and at the same time Komodo was advertised as super premium. But for the island of Rinca, which is also in the Komodo National Park and is home to Komodo dragons, there were completely different plans. A safari park was planned here to boost the economy. The project was dubbed "Jurassic park" in the media. "We want the whole thing to go viral abroad," explained the project's chief architect at the time.

But how does that fit together? In the future, only a few wealthy tourists should see the island of Komodo. The island of Rinca, on the other hand, was actively prepared and promoted for mass tourism. Critics therefore dismiss the government's nature conservation idea and consider the fee policy to be strategic marketing.

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Asia • Indonesia • Komodo National Park • Prices Tours & Diving in Komodo National Park • Entry Komodo Rumors & Facts

And then came the Covid19 pandemic

In April 2020, travel to Indonesia was no longer possible for foreigners. The tourism industry held its breath. Only after almost 2 years, since February 2022, was entry into Indonesia allowed again. In the meantime, the project on Rinca had progressed and the opening of the safari park was imminent.

The announced fee increase for the island of Komodo, on the other hand, was not actively implemented due to the pandemic. In August 2022, the entrance fee for the Komodo National Park was actually increased by leaps and bounds. Not $500, not $1000, but around $250 (IDR 3.750.000) per person. The number of visitors to Komodo Island and Padar Island should be limited to 200.000 tourists per year in the future.

Although much higher fees were originally announced, the new annual ticket was a slap in the face for the tourism industry. Many tourists canceled their trips due to the unexpected costs and numerous tour operators had to cancel their tours. Many tour operators and diving schools were already badly hit by the long Covid break. People had their backs to the wall.

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Postponed and then cancelled

After joint protests and strikes by tourism companies and their employees, the government actually withdrew the increase in the entrance fee to Komodo National Park. At the same time, however, she announced an increase from January 2023.

In December 2022, however, the Ministry of Tourism announced again that the low admission prices would be maintained in 2023. It is hoped that this decision will attract more visitors to the island. A sudden change of heart? Not quite. The airport in Labuan Bajo was already expanded in 2021 with the aim of enabling international flights to land in the future. Obviously, the number of tourists should be increased instead of reduced. It remains to be seen how fees and visitor numbers will develop over the next few years.

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Asia • Indonesia • Komodo National Park • Prices Tours & Diving in Komodo National Park • Entry Komodo Rumors & Facts

Entrance Fee Komodo National Park 2023

There is no annual ticket, but one-time tickets per person per day. As already mentioned, the entrance fee per person for the Komodo National Park has remained unchanged for the time being. It is also 2023 IDR (about 150.000 dollars) per person per day in 10. Strictly speaking, this price is only valid from Monday to Saturday. Admission on Sundays and public holidays is IDR 225.000 (about $15).

But beware! The entrance fee per person also includes the fee for the boat with which you explore the national park. The boat entrance costs 100.000 - 200.000 IDR (approx. 7 - 14 dollars) depending on the engine power. Island fees and other tickets, for example for trekking, ranger, snorkeling and diving, are then added to these basic costs. A ranger is required to visit the islands of Komodo and Padar.

The total costs for the national park are made up of several fees and depend on what you actually want to do in Komodo National Park. Information about each fee you can find in the article Prices for tours and diving in Komodo National Park. Since the pricing policy is a bit confusing, AGE™ has also prepared three practical examples (boat tour, diving trip, snorkeling tour) for you for the respective national park fees.

Proceed to the list of individual fees

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Ranger Fee Increase 2023

In May 2023, there was another outcry in the tourism industry. The entrance fees remained unchanged as promised, but now the national park's travel service (Flobamor) had unexpectedly increased the ranger fee.

Instead of 120.000 IDR (~ 8 dollars) per group of 5 people, 400.000 to 450.000 IDR (~ 30 dollars) per person were suddenly required. For the island of Komodo, fees of around $80 per person were even discussed.

New protests arose: the rangers were not trained as nature guides, had too little knowledge and sometimes hardly spoke any English. The The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, which governs Komodo National Park, has now ordered the high ranger fees to be revoked. First, Flobamor aims to improve service quality to justify a future fee increase. So it remains exciting.

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Asia • Indonesia • Komodo National Park • Prices Tours & Diving in Komodo National Park • Entry Komodo Rumors & Facts

Impact on tourism, country and people

Many tourists are now unsure which ones National park fees are currently really valid or skeptical because they fear another sharp increase. Others, on the other hand, have already used the favorable conditions to fulfill their dream of a Komodo trip again and again Home of the Komodo dragons to experience.

Tour providers usually no longer include the national park fees in the offer price. In this way, you do not risk miscalculations when making adjustments and remain flexible. Since the reopening of Rinca Island, many have also changed their route, so that tourism is currently being distributed between Rinca and Komodo Islands again.

The small port town of Labuan Bajo is the perfect starting point for many travelers to Komodo National Park. So far, tourists have mainly found a place for the night in hostels and small homestays. Many of these shelters are run by local people. In 2023, however, several large new construction projects could be seen on the coasts of the island of Flores. The announcement of expensive entrance fees to Komodo has obviously attracted large hotels and well-known chains that expect wealthy clientele.

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Influence on animal, nature and environmental protection

In the past, the Indonesian government has done a lot to boost tourism. In the period 2017 to 2019, the number of visitors then increased exponentially. The lockdown in 2020 and 2021 gave nature a breathing space. Since the announced increase in fees has not materialized, a renewed increase in tourist numbers is to be expected.

But not everything is bad. Since the sanctuary was established, the coral-covered area in Komodo National Park has increased by a wonderful 60 percent. Dynamite fishing used to be common in the area. Tourism is definitely the better alternative to earn money. In addition, many measures have been implemented to counteract problems. For example, mooring buoys have been installed to prevent damage to the reefs and a garbage disposal system and recycling center has been established for Flores.

Large cruise ships are only allowed to approach the island of Rinca to observe the Komodo dragons. For large groups, shore leave is restricted to the observation deck of the new safari park. This protects the vegetation of the rest of the island and the Komodo dragons benefit from more distance to large groups of people due to the elevated paths.

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Own opinion

For the future, AGE™ would like a fee policy and legislation that promotes ecotourism in Komodo National Park and restricts mass tourism. Large cruise ships should generally be denied access to the national park. The Galapagos Islands are a positive example of this strategy: No ships with more than 100 people are allowed there.

The tourism around the Komodo National Park should help the local population to generate income and promote sensible projects such as coordinated waste disposal. Tourists should be introduced to Komodo dragons with quality information and due respect. Honest enthusiasm strengthens the idea of ​​protection for the giant lizards and other reptile species.

The fees should therefore not be raised so much that only rich clientele are addressed. Nevertheless, an increase to, for example, 100 dollars total price for the Komodo National Park per person (e.g. as a monthly ticket) would be conceivable and sensible. Travelers who are seriously interested in Komodo's wildlife and marine life shouldn't be put off by that amount. Day trippers who fly by briefly, jet through the national park by speedboat and are gone again the next day would probably reduce such an increase. A one-off total price would also be much more transparent than the confusing pricing policy made up of numerous individual fees.

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