Shaumari Wildlife Reserve Jordan

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve Jordan

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Actively experience the Jordanian steppe!

Shaumari was the first nature reserve in Jordan. Endangered species such as the beautiful white oryx, goiter gazelles and Asiatic wild asses live in this sanctuary. The game reserve is actively committed to the preservation of the rare Arabian oryx antelope. The "Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature" (RNCN) oversees the project. In addition, a breeding program is being carried out for the Houbara Bustard, an endangered species of the collar bustard. Efforts are also being made to reintroduce the ostrich in the protected area. However, since the Asian ostrich has become extinct, there is currently a project for the closely related North African ostrich. In Shaumari, active nature conservation to preserve the ecological habitat, breeding projects for rare animal species and ecotourism go hand in hand. A nice destination for families and those interested in nature.

“Our eyes eagerly search the wide steppe. In the distance, two wild asses are enthroned on a sandy rise and their bodies are blurred in the shimmering heat. And then we are lucky and find it: a herd of oryx antelopes. Wonderful white animals with noble heads, a typical dark face mask and long, only slightly curved horns. The animals lie relaxed together, rest, chew, graze and continue to rest. A few steps to the right and nibble a little on the bush - a typical lunch break in the Jordanian savannah and time for us to look at the pretty white antelope in peace.

Jordan • Shaumari Wildlife Reserve • Safari at Shaumari

Experiences from Shaumari Wildlife Reserve in Jordan:

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences A special experience!
Are you interested in the flora and fauna of the steppes of Jordan? Then the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is just right for you. Observing the beautiful white oryx is the highlight of any safari.

Offer Price Cost Admission Sight Travel What is the cost of admission to Shaumari Wildlife Reserve? (Stand 2020)
• 8 JOD per person for the Visitor Center & Picnic Area
• 12 - 22 JOD per person for a guided tour including admission
A guided tour is necessary to see animals. You can find information about tours here.
Please note possible changes. You can find current prices here.

Opening times planning sightseeing vacation What are the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve opening hours? (Stand 2021)
Shaumari Wildlife Reserve opening times may vary and are adjusted based on the time of year or the number of visitors. It is recommended to register by telephone and to inquire about the current times.

You can find contact details for Wild Jordan, the registered trademark of the RNCN here.

Planning time investment sightseeing vacation How much time should I plan? (Stand 2020)
Since the journey to the nature reserve already takes some time, at least half a day should be planned. As a full-day excursion into the Jordanian hinterland, Shaumari can be ideally combined with a visit to the Al Azraq oasis.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark Vacation Is there food and toilets?
A small water bottle was included for each participant on the safari tour in 2019. Tea is also served on long tours. However, you had to bring your own food in sufficient quantities. Toilets are available in the visitor center.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where is Shaumari located?
Shaumari is a nature reserve in Jordan and is located near the border with Saudi Arabia. The closest major city is Zarqa. The reserve can be reached in about 2 hours by car from Amman or Madaba.

Open map route planner
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Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which sights are nearby?
The Qusair Amra desert castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only 35 km from Shaumari. That Al Azraq Wetland Reserve offers a perfect and unexpected contrast to the otherwise predominantly arid flora of Jordan. The oasis is only 30 km away and is rich in wildlife.

Please note that the border with Saudi Arabia is in the immediate vicinity. In order not to accidentally drive to the border post with the rental car, precise route planning is important. Alternatively, all that remains is to follow the example of the local population and change the motorway lane over the gravel strip between the lanes. AGE ™ strongly advises against dangerous road maneuvers.

Exciting background information

Background information knowledge landmark vacationThe history of the arabian oryx antelope in Jordan
The Arabian oryx actually became extinct in Jordan in the 1920s and there have been no wild white antelopes worldwide since 1972. Only a few privately owned animals and in zoos had survived and international conservation breeding was started with the help of these animals. So the white oryx could be saved from extinction.

Since 1978 Jordan has also participated in the breeding program under the auspices of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and 11 oryx have been brought to Shaumari. Five years later, the efforts were followed by the first great success: 5 oryx were released from the breeding station into a kind of "supported wild life" in the nature reserve. For example, the rangers offer artificial water points to make it easier for the animals to be cared for in the dry season. A stable population of the beautiful antelope species has now established itself in the Shaumari reserve. Since 31 another project to reintroduce the Arabian oryx has been started in Wadi Rum.

Background information knowledge landmark vacationThe game reserve and the oryx herd are enlarged

At the beginning of 2020, the oryx population in the Shaumari Nature Reserve counts 68 antelopes and the size of the reserve is 22km2. By 2022, an additional 60 Arabian oryx are to be imported from Abu Dhabi and released in the Shaumari Nature Reserve. This not only almost doubles the number of animals, but also refreshes the genetic structure of the existing herd. In addition, the game reserve will be enlarged in order to create a sufficiently large pasture area for the additional animals.

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacationThe Shaumari Wildlife Reserve offers safaris.

Safari in the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Jordan • Shaumari Wildlife Reserve • Safari at Shaumari
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