All roads lead through Petra! Map & tips

All roads lead through Petra! Map & tips

Map of Petra in Jordan • Sightseeing & Facts • Hiking Trails & Photos

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Map, trails and tips for the perfect visit to the rock city!

Petra, the most famous archaeological site in Jordan, stretches over 20 square kilometers. Ancient cultural treasures will amaze you, beautiful vantage points tower over the city and exciting outdoor areas show Petra away from the tourist crowds. AGE™ takes you on an exciting trek through the famous capital of the Nabataeans. Our large Petra map will help you plan your trip.

Jordan Petra map and ways

5 sightseeing routes:

3 sidewalks:

3 hiking trails:

Inputs / outputs:

You can find more information about Petra including admission and opening times in the article: Petra World Heritage Site in Jordan – the legacy of the Nabataeans

JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

5 sightseeing routes

Main trail

The main attractions (4,3 km one way)

Every visitor should go this route at least once. Shortly after the main entrance there are the first sights to discover, for example the old ones Block graves or the unusual Obelisk tomb with Bab as-Siq triclinium.

Then you get to the 1,2 km long as. This beautiful rock gorge has some natural beauties, but also cultural specialties to offer. It is worth taking this route early in the morning and late in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere without the crowds of tourists.

At the end of the canyon, the famous one is waiting Al Khazneh Treasure House. No matter how many photos you saw before your visit - when the monumental sandstone facade of the treasure house builds up in front of the narrow passage of the Siq, you will catch your breath. Take a break and take in all the details.

From there it goes on to the Petras valley. Through the Street of the Facades through it you get to the roman theater. Theater necropolis is worth a second look. From the former Nymphaeum unfortunately there are only a few bricks left. The ruins of the so-called are all the more impressive Great temple.

Finally, the Colonnaded street to the main temple Qasr al Bint, where the Main Trail ends. This is where the begins Ascent to the Monastery of Petra Jordan via the Ad Deir Trail. With a combination of carriage ride and donkey ride you can also People with walking disabilities sightseeing the Main Trail in Petra Jordan.

Your way:

Main entrance -> Block graves -> Obelisk tomb with Bab as-Siq Triclinium -> The Siq -> Al Khazneh Treasure House -> Street of the facades -> Theater necropolis -> Roman theater -> Nymphaeum -> Colonnaded street -> Great temple -> Qasr al Bint

Our hint

The main trail must be returned to the visitor center at the end of the day. A total of almost 9 kilometers must be planned for this main route. Alternatively, part of the way can be through the much more challenging High Places of Sacrifice Trail be bypassed or you can use Petra if necessary Back Exit Road leave. If you have extra time, you can also Ad Deir Monastery hike to Little Petra and leave Petra without returning to the Main Trail.

Can you visit the sights of Petra with a wheelchair?

Many sights of the Main Trail can also be reached by a horse-drawn carriage ride. Others come with a combination of carriage and donkey also for people with walking difficulties reachable.

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JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

Ad Deir Trail

The ascent to the monastery (1,2 km one way)

At the end of Main trails starts the Ad Deir Trail and leads over several hundred steps to the Ad Deir Monastery.

The strenuous ascent is rewarded with magnificent views and the monastery itself is definitely one of the main attractions of Petra. The beautiful sandstone building is just as impressive as the famous treasure house and should definitely be on your Petra bucket list.

Once at the top, you can rest with a view of the monastery and enjoy a cool drink. Let your mind wander and enjoy the splendor of this unique setting.

Our tip

It's also worth a short walk to explore the area. There is a rock nearby, from which you can take great photos of the monastery through a cavity and signs show you the way to beautiful viewpoints over the rocky landscape around Petra.

The descent is the same as the ascent, but it is correspondingly faster and more relaxed. On the way down you can suddenly enjoy the beautiful, old sandstone steps and take in the great views again.

Our alternative - a hike from Petra to Little Petra

If you don't go down into the valley and back to the Main trail you can alternatively do a guided tour Hike from Petra to Little Petra Companies. Just ask for a guide at the “most beautiful vantage point in the world”.
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Al Khubtha Trail

Royal tombs & the treasure house from above (1,7 km one way)

After the Main trail and the Ad Deir Trail the Al-Khubtha Trail is next on the to-do list for your visit to Petra. Not only are other extraordinary rock tombs waiting for you here, but also the popular view from above of the treasure house.

The Al-Khubtha Trail starts on the opposite side of the amphitheater and first leads you to the impressive facades of the Royal tombs. The tour begins with the unique Urn grave with pillared courtyard and vault, then leads to the colorful facade of the Silk graves and past Corinthian tomb up to the magnificent Palace tomb. If you have some time to spare, you can take a short detour to something out of the way Sextius Florentine tomb . make

Then the path continues uphill and the first great views make the photographer's heart beat faster. That too roman theater can be photographed great from above from this trail. Finally, the path ends abruptly at the edge of the cliff in front of a Bedouin tent.

Take your time and enjoy a glass of tea

A break here is doubly worthwhile, because the perfect view down to the well-known Treasure house only costs a glass of tea. Here you have to stop, watch and breathe in deeply the magic of Petra.

Our hint

Please note that the Al-Khubtha Trail is not a circular route. It has to be returned the same way. You have to plan a total of 3,4 km.
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High Places of Sacrifice Trail

Away from the main routes (2,7 km one way)

If you have planned at least two days for Petra and want to be a little off the beaten track, then the High Places of Sacrifice Trail is just right for you.

Coming from the main entrance, shortly after crossing the street of the facades, it branches off to the left. A steep climb leads to the high place of sacrifice with a great panoramic view over the Rock city of Petra. A few motivated tourists still find their way here, but most return the same way to the center of Petra.

A beautiful circular route through Petra is waiting for you here

Alternatively, you can follow the path to less touristy areas. You finally get down to the inside via a narrow stone staircase Wadi Farasa East. The hidden valley awaits you with beautiful buildings such as the garden temple, the soldier's grave, the colorful triclinium and the so-called Renaissance grave. Above all, you still have space for yourself here and leave the hustle and bustle on the Main trail. Here you breathe silence, immerse yourself in another time and feel the spirit of Petra.

This path does not have to be taken back. It forms with part of the Main trails a circular route.
For a longer hike, the Umm Al Biyara Trail connected.
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Al Madras Trail

Lookout point with guide (500 m one way)

The Al Madras Trail is not marked and can only be walked with a local guide. Some blogs also call it the Indiana Jones Trail. You should be sure-footed for this path. Before the Siq, it branches off to the left of the Main trail and leads through a beautiful rocky landscape. The Al Madras Trail offers, besides that Al Khubtha Trail, another vantage point overlooking the from above Treasure house. It is also possible to extend the route and with a guide from Al Madras to High Place of Sacrifice to wander.

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JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

3 sidewalks

To the tomb of Anesho

If you want to visit this rock tomb and its surroundings, you have to climb a side path. The path is not marked, but is used regularly by visitors. Coming from the main entrance, the grave is on the right-hand side at the end of the facade street above some caves. Either you look for a suitable path yourself or you entrust yourself to a local guide. Exploring this level includes that Uneishu tomb, its triclinium, other rock tombs, as well as the beautiful view of the center of Petra.

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Temple of the Winged Lions & Churches of Petra

At the end of Main trailAt the level of Qasr al-Bint, a small path branches off to the right. He leads to the excavation of the Temple of the Winged Lions, away from the tourist crowds. Only a few remains of the wall are preserved, but it offers a great view over the Petras valley. Other side paths lead to the Churches of Petra. The beautiful mosaic floors of the main church are definitely worth a detour and the pretty Blue Chapel, with blue columns and the royal tombs in the background, is a great photo opportunity.

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Back Exit Road (approx. 3 km one way)

The Back Exit Road is rarely used by tourists. She leads from the end of the Main trails, near the main temple Qasr al-Bint, to the Bedouin city of Uum Sayhoun. On the way there are still inhabited caves, as well as the Turkumaniyya Tomb with one of the few Inscriptions in ancient Petra. This path can no longer be used as an entrance since 2019, but it is still open as an exit. It is advisable to inquire about the current situation in advance at the main entrance.

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JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

3 hiking trails

Umm al Biyara Trail

The remains of Sela (2 km one way)

If you are in Petra for three days and still have enough time and energy, you can climb the Umm al-Biyara plateau. The starting point of the trail is near the main temple Qasr al Bint. He can from the end of the Main trail or from the end of the High Places of Sacrifice Trail are committed. At the summit are the timid remains of Sela, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Edom from the 7th century BC. Peace and solitude are the reward for this hike.

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Jabal Haroun Trail

A pilgrimage route (4,5 km one way)

This hike is primarily intended for pilgrims, but visitors interested in holy sites are also welcome. The pilgrimage leads to the burial site of Moses' brother. Anyone who asks permission from the guardian of the shrine is allowed to visit the shrine. This should of course be done with respect. The starting point of the trail branches off from Umm al Biyara Trail from. Since the pilgrimage route is not a circular route, it must be returned on the same route.

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Sabra trail

Remote ruins (6 km one way)

The trail follows Wadi Sabra and passes remote archaeological excavations. This day hike into the largely unknown outdoor areas of Petra is particularly interesting for those returning who have already seen all of the main attractions. Hikers who want to enjoy the beautiful rocky landscape in the area are also right here. Please keep in mind that this trail is not a circular route either. Therefore, 12 km must be planned for the way there and back.

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JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

3 inputs / outputs

Main entrance

From Wadi Musa through the Siq to the Petras valley

This is the usual, common, and recommended input. This is the only place where you can buy tickets and even those who have the Jordan Pass must first collect their tickets at the Visitor Center at this main entrance. The main entrance opens into the Main trail, which has most of the main attractions Rock city of Petra achieved and is therefore part of the compulsory program anyway. It is advisable to take a free map with you at the Visitor Center. All routes through the World Heritage Site are marked here.

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Side entrance

From Uum Sayhoun via the Back Exit Road into the Petras valley

This entrance is on the edge of the Bedouin town of Uum Sayhoun and flows into the so-called Back Exit Road. Unfortunately, the entrance has been closed since 2019. Please inform yourself at the main entrance whether the path is currently feasible. Exceptions are possible. The back exit road can still be used as an exit. Nevertheless, it makes sense to get the latest information in advance so as not to suddenly find yourself in front of closed gates. The Back Exit Road is an interesting way off the tourist trail.

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Back entrance

From Little Petra via the Ad Deir Monastery to Petra

You can do this on a guided hike from Little Petra to Petra Ad Deir Monastery. So you can avoid the numerous steps when climbing the monastery and you have to Ad Deir Trail instead just descend into the Petras valley. This access is generally possible from the second day of the visit (if valid tickets were purchased at the main entrance on the first day). He is no longer welcomed by the park administration. AGETM recommends a Hike from Petra to Little Petra as the end of the day.

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JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory Petra • Petra map • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

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