Churches of the rock city of Petra Jordan

Churches of the rock city of Petra Jordan

Byzantine churches • Impressive mosaic floors • People and animal motifs

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Church with mosaic floor rock city Petra Jordan Unesco world heritage site

There were four churches in the Rock city of Petra. Initially, in 446 AD, the Urns grave, one of the well-known Royal tombs, converted into a church. In the 5th to 6th centuries the Gratkirche, the Blue Chapel and the Petra Church were built on the north side above the Säulenstrasse. Within these structures, material from Nabatean buildings was reused. For example, the pillars of the Blue Chapel are an extraordinary sight. They are made of Egyptian blue granite combined with Nabatean capitals. The Byzantine main church of Petras, also called Petra church, impresses with its floor mosaics. A modern roof protects these excavations. The mosaics include geometric shapes, images of objects, animal motifs and symbolic representations such as personified seasons.

If you want to visit these sights in Petra, you have to get one at the end of the main trail Side path choose.
If you want to see the urn grave, which was converted into a Byzantine church, follow this Al Khubtha Trail.

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Information boards on site, discussions with the guide, as well as personal experiences when visiting the Nabataean city of Petra Jordan in October 2019.

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