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The Ad Deir Monastery Petra Jordan

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Powerful, massive and one of the absolute highlights of the World Heritage Petra. Even if the Way to the monastery is gradual and sweaty, it's worth it. The sandstone building Ad Deir is one of the largest structures in the rock city of Jordan, is exceptionally well preserved and simply impressive. It is almost 50 meters high, almost as wide and was built in the early 2nd century AD. The so-called served as a model for the design of the facade Al Khazneh Treasure House. However, Ad Deir was not a rock tomb, but was used for religious gatherings. An inscription nearby suggests that the Nabataean king Obodas was worshiped there, who was elevated to god after his death. Later Ad Deir was used as a Christian chapel. The incised cross symbols in the interior meant that the building was named a monastery.

I look breathlessly at the monumental facade of the monastery. My heart is pounding, and not just from the ascent. It's unbelievable what people built 1900 years ago. Incredible that this is still preserved today and what a gift that I can stand here today and be amazed. We humans seem very small in front of this boulder artfully formed into a building. Even the timeline seems to bow down, because the smile of the here and now nestles closely against the whisper of yesterday.


If you want to visit this sight in Petra, follow this Ad Deir Trail.
Alternatively, a hike between Little Petra and Petra is possible.

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