Main Trail - Sightseeing Petra Jordan

Main Trail - Sightseeing Petra Jordan

Main Attractions Petra Jordan • Hiking or carriage and donkey tours

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The main attractions (4,3 km one way)

Every visitor should walk this path at least once. Already shortly after Petra At the main entrance there are first cultural sights to be discovered, for example the old ones Block graves or the unusual Obelisk tomb. Then you get to the 1,2 km long as. This beautiful rocky gorge has some natural beauties, but also cultural specialties. It is worth taking the path early in the morning and late in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere without the crowds of tourists. At the end of the canyon the famous one is waiting Al Khazneh Treasure House. No matter how many photos you saw before your visit - when its monumental sandstone facade builds up in front of the narrow passage of the Siq, you will catch your breath. Take a break and take in all the details. Then it goes on into the valley of Petras. Through the Street of the Facades through it you get to the roman theater. Theater necropolis is worth a second look. From the former Nymphaeum unfortunately there are only a few bricks left. The ruins of the so-called are all the more impressive Great temple. After that, the Colonnaded street to the main temple Qasr al Bint and the Main Trail ends where the Ascent to the Monastery of Petra Jordan starts.

With a combination of carriage ride and donkey ride you can also People with walking disabilities can visit many of the main trail attractions in Petra Jordan.

Your way:

Main entrance -> Block graves -> Obelisk tomb with Bab as-Siq Triclinium -> The Siq -> Treasure house -> Street of the facades -> Theater necropolis -> Roman theater -> Nymphaeum -> Colonnaded street -> Great temple -> Qasr al Bint

Our hint

The main trail must be returned to the visitor center at the end of the day. A total of almost 9 kilometers must be planned for this main route. Alternatively, part of the way can be through the much more challenging High Places of Sacrifice Trail be bypassed or you can use Petra if necessary Back Exit Road leave. If you have extra time, you can also hike from Ad Deir Monastery to Little Petra and leave Petra without returning to the Main Trail.

Can you visit the sights of Petra with a wheelchair?

Many sights of the Main Trail can also be reached by a horse-drawn carriage ride. Others come with a combination of carriage and donkey also for people with walking difficulties reachable.

Want to explore more paths through Petra? You can find one here Petra map as well as numerous hiking trails. There is so much to explore!

Sightseeing Petra Map Jordan UNESCO World Heritage Trails Map Petra Jordan

Sightseeing Petra Map Jordan UNESCO World Heritage Trails Map Petra Jordan

JordanWorld Heritage PetraStory PetraPetra map • Main Trail Petra • Sightseeing PetraRock tombs Petra

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Personal experiences visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site Petra Jordan in October 2019.
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