World Heritage Petra in Jordan

World Heritage Petra in Jordan

One of the new seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The Legacy of the Nabataeans!

The legendary rock city of Petra in Jordan was founded in the 2nd century BC. The capital of the Nabataeans. Today it is considered one of the new seven wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Impressive royal tombs, a fantastic monastery made of red sandstone, ruins of temples and the monumental facade of the so-called treasure house tell of the city's heyday. The name Petra is ancient Greek and means rock. In Nabatean the city was called Reqmu, the red one.

The rock city was an important trading center for 800 years. It is located in a protected valley and at the same time was strategically perfect next to caravan routes such as the Frankincense Route. So Petra quickly became wealthy. Since the 5th century BC The area was inhabited and today provides valuable archaeological insights. Column streets, an amphitheater and the remains of Byzantine churches bear witness to the later Roman influence and add another chapter to Petra's cultural treasure.

I slowly turn around my own axis and breathe the secret of this ancient, mysterious city. Steep stairs carved in stone and magnificent rock graves lay claim to my amazement. Tender red surrounds the vast valley. The golden yellow evening sun bathes the scenery in soft colors. And in the motley sandstone patterns of the facades, culture and nature seem to be engaged in a fierce competition.

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AGE ™ visited Petra for you:

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences A trip is worth it!
Petra was voted one of the New 2007 Wonders of the World in 7 and rightly so. The most important cultural asset in Jordan is a testimony to 2500 years of history.

Offer Price Cost Admission Sight TravelWhat does the entry cost? (Stand 2021)
For tourists 50 JOD (approx. 60 euros) for 1 day.
For tourists 55 JOD (approx. 65 euros) for 2 days.
For tourists 60 JOD (approx. 70 euros) for 3 days.
Alternatively, the Jordan Pass can be used as an admission ticket.
Children under 12 are free.
Please note possible changes. You can find prices at Jordan Tourism Board. Provides information on tours, transportation and Petra by night Visitpetra.

Opening times planning sightseeing vacation What are the opening times? (Stand 2021)
The opening times depend on the season. Petra opens at 6 a.m. at the earliest and can be visited until 18.30:XNUMX p.m. at the latest. Visiting times are shortened depending on the season. Information on site is recommended, as official sources also differ. You can find information at Jordan Pass and active in Visitpetra.

Planning time investment sightseeing vacation How much time should I plan?
No visitor should plan less than a full day for Petra! If you want to see more than just the main attractions, you better treat yourself to two days. Culture enthusiasts or hikers who also want to use trails away from the tourist crowds will appreciate three days.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark Vacation Is there food and toilets? (Stand 2019)
There is occasional catering, for example right next to the famous treasure house. Traders offer tea along the way and you can enjoy a cool drink at the Ad Dheir monastery. Nevertheless, a daypack is worth it. The distances are long and water and sun protection are definitely on the packing list. A packed lunch extends the viewing time. Toilets are available and listed in the plan.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where is the rock city of Petra?
Petra is located in the south of Jordan. The rock city lies roughly between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. It is located about 100 km north of Aqaba and about 100 km from Wadi Rum. The visitor center is located on the outskirts of Wadi Musa. A side exit borders the Bedouin town of Uum Sayhoun.

Open map route planner
Map route planner

Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which sights are nearby?
The city of Wadi Musa is directly adjacent to the main entrance of Petra. Only about 10 km away is Little Petra, the little sister of the ancient city with its own charm. A hike from Petra to Little Petra is also an interesting option. Occasionally Bedouins also offer overnight caves. 30 km north of Petra is the crusader castle Shobak Castle.

Sights of the rock city of Petra

Exciting background information

Background information knowledge landmark vacation The history of the Nabataean city of Petra
The first Nabataeans settled in the area in the 5th century BC. Petra experienced its heyday as an important trading city and as the capital of the Nabataeans. Only with increasing Roman influence did the city lose its independence. You can find our short summary of the story of Petra here.

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Which entrances does Petra have?
In principle there are three approaches. The tickets can only be bought at the main entrance at Wadi Musa. You can find more information here.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Which roads lead through Petra?
There are 5 sightseeing routes and 3 hiking trails. You will find information on the individual routes with photos of the sights and a map of Petra here.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Visit Petra despite having a walking disability?
Petra's dream can also come true with mobility problems. At least some sights are easily accessible. You can find more information here.

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Information boards on site, as well as personal experiences when visiting the Petra Jordan World Heritage Site in October 2019.

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