A ride on Icelandic horses

A ride on Icelandic horses

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In tölt over lava fields!

In addition to walking, trotting and galloping, the Icelandic horse can also master tölt and pass. Iceland prides itself on its horses. The inhabitants of Iceland owe their homeland to the Icelanders, because without these robust and sure-footed small horses, settlement of the country would hardly have been possible. The animals once came to the island as Viking booty, were bred and stayed. More than 70.000 Icelandic horses live in Iceland today and strict laws and import bans protect the unique breed. No Iceland vacation is complete without a ride on Iceland's famous horses.

With the reins a little higher and leaning back a little, I sit down on my Icelander. The experienced mare accelerates her pace as if by itself, changing to the coveted tölt. The horse's body moves purposefully and gently at the same time ... powerful movements carry me forward quickly and combine with the strange feeling of sitting relaxed in the saddle ... Even on the first attempt I love the tölt and I enthusiastically enjoy this brisk gait and its carried Move…"

Horse riding tours in Iceland

From a 30-minute ride to multi-day riding tours, everything is possible in Iceland. Numerous riding stables, small farms and large tour operators can be found all over the island. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - everyone will find something to suit their taste here. AGE ™ was looking for a ride with a tölt guarantee in beautiful surroundings without crowds and with a good price-performance ratio and found it.

AGE ™ took part in a ride with Icelandic horses from the Gardur stables:
Gardur is a stud farm in northern Iceland near Husavik. The family business has been breeding horses for over 30 years. On guided riding tours, visitors have the opportunity to experience the wonderful horses and the feeling of tölt live. Practical for German guests: Gardur is run in Icelandic and German so that rides are also in German.
A very pleasant specialty of Gardur are the individual groups. There is no mass processing here! Usually each family or group of friends receives its own guide, so that rides with only 3 to 5 people are not the exception, but the rule! Our guide "Hanna" was passionate about the matter. Despite the unusually small groups, the prices in Gardur (as of 2020) are below the average. The farm has extensive land with green meadows, gray lava desert and scrubland of Icelandic birch trees. Variety is guaranteed and at the end you can cross a river.
to Iceland • Ride on Icelandic horses

Riding experiences in Iceland:

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences A special experience!
Enjoy the feeling of a brisk tölt and let yourself be carried away into the past. Explore Iceland like the Vikings once did - while riding one of the sure-footed Icelandic horses. AGE ™ was very satisfied with the Gardur riding stable, especially because of the individual small groups and their motivated guides.

Offer Price Cost Admission Sight Travel What does horse riding cost in Iceland at the Gardur riding center? (Stand 2020)
• 1 hour 5500 ISK (approx. 34 euros) per person
• 2 hours 8500 IFK (approx. 53 euros) per person
• 3 hours 9900 IFK (approx. 61 euros) per person
• For small children there are trial rides at special prices on request.
Please note possible changes. You can inquire about current prices by phone.
Telephone number: +354 464 3569 or mobile phone: +354 862 4080

Planning time investment sightseeing vacation How much time should I plan for a riding tour?
The hours indicated actually relate to the riding tour itself. Saddling up, care after the ride or visiting the herd are not deducted. The interested visitor can therefore plan an additional hour.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark Vacation Is there food and toilets?
No meals will be offered during the tour. The three-hour ride ends with coffee / tea & biscuits or muffins. Gardur also offers a guest house. The toilet can be used by visitors to the equestrian center and overnight guests can have breakfast.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where is the riding stable in Iceland?
Gardur is located in Northern Iceland. Geographically, the riding stable is roughly between Akureyri and the Myvatn region. The closest place is Husavik, about 15 minutes away by car. For a detour directly from Ringroad No. 1 (at the height of Laugar) to the stud, it is about a 30-minute drive.

Open map route planner
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Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which sights are nearby?
A stay at the Gardur equestrian center is ideal Whale watching in Husavik associate. Husavik is only 20 km north of the riding stables. That too Husavik whale museum is worth a visit here. The well-known one is waiting south of the stud Godafoss waterfall to you of you. He lies on the Ringroad # 1. and is about 27 km from the riding stables. The popular one lies around 40 km to the south-east Myvatn region.

Exciting background information

Background information knowledge landmark vacation What is the tölt?
The tölt is an additional gait that only a few horse breeds can master. As with the step gait, the tölt is a four-stroke cycle, but with tölt only one to a maximum of two legs of the horse are ever in contact with the ground. The tölt is particularly advantageous on uneven terrain because the rider can move forward quickly while maintaining a particularly comfortable and secure seat.

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Which riding tour is ideal for beginners?
For beginners, AGE ™ recommends the two-hour ride. There is enough time to find yourselves here, to enjoy nature far away from the streets and of course to be shown the tölt. Icelanders are good-natured and the riding stable also has particularly calm and experienced animals for beginners.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation What can experienced riders expect?
Thanks to the individual groups, experienced riders can enjoy the tour without being slowed down. The three-hour tour offers many opportunities for extensive tölt and a brisk canter. Anyone who has seen an Icelandic horse at full gallop knows that this small horse contains significantly more power than the first glance suggests!

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Can you stay overnight at the riding stables? (Stand 2020)
Yes. Gardur has a guesthouse with 2 double rooms and a family room, which include a communal kitchen and lounge. In addition, the farm offers sleeping bag accommodation and breakfast. Horses around the house included. Mail: gaestehaus-gardur@hotmail.com

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Gardur shows his heart for his horses
Foals with the "wrong color" are not sorted out in Gardur and old horses can look forward to a cozy retirement in the pasture. Frequently used riding or breeding horses also deserve a year off every now and then. “A horse sabbatical” laughs Hanna, a young German who leads our travel tour and values ​​the animal welfare that is actively practiced on Gardur. We like the mixed herd. There are good-natured school horses and motivated daredevils; Beautiful breeding horses and experienced riding companions; Cozy pensioners and sociable yearlings; A total of around 70 Icelanders live on Gardur.

to Iceland • Ride on Icelandic horses

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