Experience gastronomy in Iceland • Friðheimar tomato farm

Experience gastronomy in Iceland • Friðheimar tomato farm

Restaurant • Greenhouse • Golden Circle

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Enjoy right in the middle!

The cozy restaurant in the middle of the greenhouse between hundreds of tomato plants exudes a special flair. Classic dishes, such as tomato soup or pasta with tomato sauce, are complemented with unusual desserts and refreshing drinks made from green tomatoes. Even tomato beer is on the menu. Whether red, yellow or green; The main thing is that it is delicious, very fresh and tomato. The Friðheimar tomato farm is located on the Golden Circle, Iceland's well-known sightseeing route. In addition to a visit to a restaurant with individual explanations at the table, detailed tours of the tomato farm are also possible. Iceland is known for its geothermal greenhouses. Here you can combine an interesting insight into the greenhouse culture with delicious local food in an extraordinary atmosphere.

I study the unusual menu eagerly: In addition to the famous tomato soup of the house, tomato beer, tomato ice cream and other delicacies beckon. Tomato plants grow up next to me, cozy warmth envelops me and the pleasant lighting gives off a summer feeling. The ripeness of the tomatoes is almost tangible in the full-bodied tomato soup and the cheesecake with tomato jam is served in a clay pot in proper style. It just tastes heavenly. I lean back satisfied and enjoy the atmosphere. "

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Experiences with the tomato farm Friðheimar:

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences A special experience!
Traditional tomato dishes and culinary experiments combine with a greenhouse feeling, hospitality and a portion of experience for an all-round successful lunch.

Offer Price Cost Admission Sight Travel What does it cost to eat on the tomato farm?
• Tomato soup "all you can eat" with homemade breads as a buffet for 2480 ISK (approx. 16 €) per person incl. Table water, butter, sour cream, cucumber side dish, ambience in the greenhouse and individual explanations by waiters

• Additional side dishes from around € 4 to complement the soup. Alternatively, à la carte meals such as tortilla with mozzarella and tomato (approx. € 14) or pasta with homemade tomato sauce (approx. € 20) are served. An unusual dessert (approx. € 10) such as apple and tomato cake, cheese cake with tomato jam or tomato ice cream rounds off the visit. You can find current information here.

Opening times planning sightseeing vacation What are the opening times of the tomato farm in Iceland?
The Fridheimar tomato farm restaurant is open daily from 12 p.m. to 16 p.m. It is recommended to reserve a table in advance. Please note possible changes. You can find current opening times here.

Planning time investment sightseeing vacation How much time should I plan?
Eat comfortably and lean back, an informative chat with the waiter, stroll through the greenhouse, read the information boards and maybe browse the tomato shop. You should plan around two hours for a visit to the Fridheimar tomato farm. A group tour is also possible on request.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark VacationIs there food and toilets?
A group tour includes piccolo tomatoes for a taste test. When you reserve a table in the restaurant, the food itself is the highlight in combination with the ambience. Toilets are available to guests.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where is the tomato farm located?
The Fridheimar tomato farm is located in Iceland, only approx. 20 km from the Strokkur geyser. It belongs to the town of Reykholt, about 100 km northeast of the capital Reykjavik and is located directly on the popular Golden Circle.

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Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which attractions are near Fridheimar?
A visit to the tomato farm can be ideally combined with two main attractions of Iceland: the big one is just under 30 km to the north-west Gullfoss waterfall. Until the famous Strokkur geyser the distance is only about 20 km. Who these highlights of the Golden circle has already seen who should dem Kerið crater lake pay a visit. It is located almost 30 km southeast of the tomato farm.

Exciting background information

Background information knowledge landmark vacation Why are tomatoes planted in Iceland?
At first glance, a lush tomato harvest does not seem to suit the cold Iceland, with its often rough and windy weather. But Iceland has advantages that are perfect for greenhouse production: the country has an abundance of fresh water, geothermal energy and volcanic soil. These natural resources are used in Iceland's greenhouse cultures for the production of food.

Background information knowledge landmark vacation How big is the Fridheimar tomato farm?
Tomatoes have been grown in Fridheimar since 1946. The owners took over the farm in 1995 and have since expanded it significantly as a family business. Tomato seeds are planted and seedlings are raised in the 300 square meter tree nursery. All year round, tomato plants are grown in greenhouses on more than 4000 square meters. In 2020 there were four different varieties. The annual production is an impressive 300 tons of tomatoes - 18% of the Icelandic tomato market!

Background information knowledge landmark vacation How does a greenhouse at the Fridheimar tomato farm work?
Every plant needs light, heat, water, nutrients, CO2 and care. Light passes through the thin glass of the greenhouse and is supplemented by lamps. The electricity for this comes mainly from hydropower and geothermal stations. The greenhouse is heated with 95 ° C hot water from the ground, which is obtained from a borehole. It flows through the pipe systems and thus provides the necessary heat. It is irrigated with drinking water. Volcanic soil and CO2 from steaming sources feed the plants. Every greenhouse is computer controlled. The conditions are monitored and optimized. The tomatoes are harvested and checked by hand. Animal helpers from Holland pollinate the plants: around 600 imported bumblebees are in action in Fridheimar. No pesticides are used. If necessary, a predatory bug is used instead to eat pests.

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Delicious tomato products to take home!
The Fridheimar tomato farm has integrated a small tomato shop into the greenhouse. Tomato jam, tomato sauces and freshly picked tomatoes can be purchased here. Maybe you can find a fancy holiday souvenir there too.

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Fridheimar (oD): Homepage of the Fridheimar tomato farm. [online] Retrieved on January 10.01.2021, XNUMX from URL: https://www.fridheimar.is/de

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