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Artificial ice cave in Perlan Island

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Ice tunnel in the Perlan Natural History Museum with aurora show bird rocks and viewing platform over Reykjavik Iceland

The unique artificial ice cave of the Natural History Museum in perlan is over 100 meters long. A special cooling system enables temperatures of around -10 ° C. The wide ice tunnel is illuminated and has a small narrow side corridor. A mirrored shaft imitates the view down into a crevasse and a block of ice with black ash layers shows the typical stratification caused by volcanic eruptions. At the end of the cave, an ice throne awaits for the perfect selfie of all the ice princes and ice princesses.

10 compelling reasons to visit the Ice Cave at Perlan Reykjavik:

  • Natural beauty: The Perlan ice cave offers a glimpse into a world of snow and ice. 
  • Unique experience: Entering an ice cave is a unique experience that is only available in a few places in the world and offers an opportunity to experience the nature of Iceland up close.
  • Photographic Opportunities: The ice cave offers beautiful photo opportunities with icy formations and clear blue ice that inspire photographers.
  • Climate controlled: Unlike natural ice caves, the temperature and humidity in the ice cave in the Perlan is controlled, making it pleasant to visit even in bad weather or at any time of the year.
  • Safety: The Perlan Ice Cave offers a safe and well-monitored environment, making the visit accessible to people of all ages.
  • Informative guided tours: Experienced guides provide informative tours where you will learn a lot about the formation of ice caves and the geology of Iceland.
  • Convenient access: The Ice Cave in Perlan is easily accessible as it is located in the capital Reykjavik and does not require long journeys.
  • Interactive exhibits: In addition to the ice cave, the Perlan also offers interactive exhibitions and exhibits on the history and geology of Iceland.
  • Suitable for families: This experience is ideal for family outings and offers a unique opportunity to discover Iceland's natural wonders together.
  • Part of the Perlan complex: The Ice Cave visit can be combined with other attractions in the Perlan complex, including a revolving restaurant with panoramic views and a viewing deck overlooking Reykjavik.

A visit to the Ice Cave in Perlan is an unforgettable experience that not only showcases the natural beauty of Iceland, but also provides a safe and comfortable way to explore and enjoy it.

What else is there to see in the Perlan? That Perlan in Reykjavik is worth a day trip.
Do you want to see a real ice cave in Iceland? the Katla Dragon Glass ice cave waiting for you.

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