Planetarium with Northern Lights in Perlan Island

Planetarium with Northern Lights in Perlan Island

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Aurora over Kirkjufell - Northern light pictures in the Perlan Planetarium Video Reykjavik

Advanced technology and a film specially produced for the observatory make it possible: in the natural history museum perlan there is a Northern Lights guarantee. The aurora show takes the visitor into the world of solar winds for around 20 minutes. The demonstrations are multilingual and bring the audience closer to scientific facts and superstitious myths about the famous northern lights. Fantastic film recordings make the northern lights dance over the visitors.

10 reasons to visit the Planetarium at Perlan in Iceland:

  • Realistic simulation: The Planetarium at Perlan features an impressively realistic simulation of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), allowing visitors to experience this natural phenomenon in a controlled environment.
  • Year-round availability: In the planetarium you can experience the Northern Lights regardless of seasons and weather conditions, which is not always possible in Iceland.
  • Passing on knowledge: The Planetarium offers informative demonstrations and explanations on the science behind the Northern Lights, leading to a deeper understanding of this fascinating natural phenomenon.
  • Comfortable seating: The comfortable seating in the planetarium allows visitors to relax and enjoy the spectacle in comfort.
  • Fast access: Visiting the planetarium offers a convenient way to experience the Northern Lights without having to make long drives into rural Iceland.
  • Price-performance: In the planetarium you have a sighting guarantee. You'll see the Northern Lights dancing without the difficulties and challenges of being outdoors in cold weather. 
  • multimedia presentations: The Planetarium offers high-quality audiovisual presentations that capture the beauty and mystique of the Northern Lights in all their facets.
  • Barrier-free access: The planetarium is barrier-free and accessible for people with restricted mobility.
  • cultural experience: A visit to the Planetarium at Perlan offers not only a scientific experience, but also an insight into the cultural significance of the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • weather independence: As the Northern Lights are often dependent on weather conditions, the Planetarium offers a reliable alternative to ensure you can experience the Northern Lights during your stay in Iceland.

A visit to the Perlan Northern Lights Planetarium offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and allure of the Northern Lights in a comfortable and educational environment.

What else is there to see in the Perlan? That Perlan in Reykjavik is worth a day trip.
Do you want to see real northern lights? In winter there are many places in the northern hemisphere Northern lights sightings is possible.

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Information on site, as well as personal experiences at the aurora show of the planetarium in July 2020.

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