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Rome, capital of Italy

Colosseum • Roman Forum • Pantheon • St. Peter's Basilica

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The Eternal City!

The European city of Rome is roughly in the middle of the Italian boot near the west coast.

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Facts & Info Rome

coordinates Latitude: 41 ° 53'30 "N
Longitude: 12 ° 30'40 "E
Continent Europe
Land Italy
location In central Italy
Near the west coast
waters River Tiber
Sea level 52 meters above the sea
Area 482 km2 (Stand 2015)
population City: approx. 2,3 million (Stand 2015)
Area: approx. 4,3 million (Stand 2021)
Population density about 4800 km2(Stand 2015)
Language Italienisch
City age Founded April 21, 753 BC
Landmark Colosseum
Peculiarity Was capital of the Roman Empire
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980
Origin of name possibly from rum = female breast
(Reference to the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus?)

Sightseeing & Attractions Rome

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences 10 things you can experience in Rome

  1. Start your tour at the Palatinum, the cradle of Rome
  2. Let yourself be impressed by the finds in the Roman Forum
  3. Visit the world famous Colosseum from the inside
  4. Feel the special charm of Rome's fountains and squares: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona are a must
  5. Take a walk on the Tiber and visit the Castel Sant'Angelo
  6. Enjoy a green break in the Villa Borghese park
  7. Enter the Pantheon and look up into its impressive dome
  8. Visit the National Monument and the Trajan Column in Piazza Venezia
  9. Explore the outskirts of Rome: here a bike tour on the Via Appia Antica or a guided tour through the catacombs beckons
  10. Take a trip to Vatican City, which is enclosed by Rome
CitiesHauptstadt • Italy • Rome • Sightseeing Rome
Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacationWhere is Rome located? Route planning: Rome, Italy map
Fact sheet Weather Climate table Temperature Best travel time How is the weather in Rome?
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As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome stands. If the Colosseum falls, Rome will fall. When Rome falls, the world falls.
Bede (Benedictines of Late Antiquity), 8th century

More information for your visit to Rome: Site of the city of Rome.

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CitiesHauptstadt • Italy • Rome • Sightseeing Rome
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