Galapagos cruise with the motor sailer Samba

Galapagos cruise with the motor sailer Samba

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Small ship on a long journey!

The motor sailer Samba in Galapagos offers a particularly private atmosphere with a maximum of 14 passengers on board. Individuality is very important and the local crew guides their guests through paradise with a lot of passion. The Samba combines the dream of a boat trip through the Galapagos with an adventure package in a class of its own.

Active nature experience while snorkeling, kayaking or hiking and intensive animal encounters make a trip with the Samba unforgettable. Relaxed hours on the sun deck, interesting lectures and an all-round carefree package with great service and delicious food complete the offer. Wake up to new, magical places every morning and enjoy a perfect mix of active holidays, cruises and expeditions.

Accomodation / active holiday • South America • Ecuador • Galapagos • Samba motor sailer

Experience a cruise on the Samba

Bell ringing ... the ship's bell creeps softly into my sleep. A group of pilot whales appear in my dreams. They swim very close to the boat, stretch their snouts curiously and delight us with their shiny backs. Fantastic. Bell ringing… Yesterday the bell rang as a signal for the whales, this morning it means breakfast. I stretch myself comfortably again, then I quickly slip into my clothes. A thousand colorful pictures go through my head. A cute baby sea lion that waddles curiously towards me ... A Galapagos penguin swims as fast as an arrow through a school of fish ... Golden rays between mangroves, primeval marine iguanas on lava rocks and a huge sunfish. My pulse is accelerating and, despite the early hour, my appetite for breakfast and adventure grows.


AGE™ was on the road for you with the motor glider Samba
The small cruise ship Samba is almost 24 meters long. It has 7 guest cabins for 2 people each, an air-conditioned seating and dining area with panoramic windows, a sundeck and an observation deck with access to the bridge. Six of the cabins are located on the lower deck and have a porthole and two bunk beds. The lower bed is particularly wide and can easily be used as a double bed. The seventh cabin is on the upper deck and offers a double bed and windows. Each cabin is equipped with drawers, has its own air conditioning and a private bathroom.
The common area offers a coffee and tea station and a small library. A television enables interesting slide shows during the evening nature lectures. Towels, life jackets, snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, kayaks and stand up paddle boards are provided. The full board leaves nothing to be desired. It includes a rich hot breakfast, snacks after every activity, varied meals for lunch and a 3-course menu for dinner. The Samba stands out from other providers thanks to its surprisingly small group size and the generously designed daily program. Furthermore, the very good nature guides and the cordial crew are to be highlighted. The samba is owned by a local Galapagos family.

Accomodation / active holiday • South America • Ecuador • Galapagos • Samba motor sailer

Overnight in Galapagos

5 reasons to choose the Samba cruise ship in Galapagos

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Personal and familiar: only 14 guests
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Fantastic daily program
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Motivated crew from Galapagos
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Experience special islands
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Great equipment & catering

Accommodation Vacation Hotel Pension Vacation Apartment Book Overnight What does a night on the samba cost?
Eight days cruise cost around 3500 euros per person. The regular price for one night on the Samba is around 500 euros.
This includes cabin, full board, equipment and all activities and excursions. The program includes shore excursions, snorkeling, exploratory dinghy trips, lectures and kayak tours. Please note possible changes.
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• 7 nights cruise north-west route approx. 3500 euros per person
• 7 nights cruise south-east route approx. 3500 euros per person
• Both cruises can be combined as one big trip
• Children under the age of 14 receive a discount of up to 30%.
• Prices as a guide. Price increases and special offers possible.

As of 2021.

Accommodation Vacation Hotel Pension Vacation Apartment Book Overnight Who are typical guests on the motorsailer Samba?
Couples, families with older children and single travelers alike are guests on the Samba. Anyone who appreciates the luxury of a small ship and thrives on a varied and active all-day program in nature will love Galapagos on board the Samba. Animal lovers in general and bird watchers, amateur herpetologists and snorkelers in particular will get their money's worth.

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacation Where does the Galapagos Samba Cruise take place?
The Galapagos Archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in South America. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, a two-hour flight from mainland Ecuador. Galapagos consists of numerous islands, only four of which are inhabited. At the beginning of the cruise, the Samba is anchored either in the Itabaca Channel next to Baltra Island or in Puerto Ayora near Santa Cruz.
The Northwest route visits remote islands such as Genoese, Marchena and Fernandina and the back of Isabela Island. On the southeast route are the islands Santa Fe, San Cristobal, espanola, Bartholomew, Rabida and South Plazas visited. Both tours also include the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana and North Seymour. Please note possible changes.

Nearby attractions Maps route planner vacation Which sights can you experience?
You will become many on a cruise on the Samba endemic animal species of the Galapagos see that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For example the Galapagos giant tortoise, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins and Galapagos sea lions. On the northwest route you will also encounter flightless cormorants and Galapagos fur seals. On the southeast route you can experience the Galapagos Albatross from April to December.
On numerous snorkeling tours you will Galapagos wildlife underwater enjoy. Depending on the island, there are large schools of fish, elegant sea turtles, hunting penguins, eating marine iguanas, playful sea lions, pretty seahorses or interesting species of sharks to discover.
Also the special ones Birds of the Galapagos Islands will inspire you. Typical representatives include Darwin's finches, blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies, Nazca boobies and frigate birds. Galapagos penguins live primarily on Isabela and Fernandina, but also when visiting Bartholomew do you have a chance of being spotted? The well-known flightless cormorant only occurs on Isabela and Fernandina. The Galapagos albatross nests espanola.
On the way you also have good chances from the ship Watching whales and dolphins. The months of June and July are considered the best time for this. AGE™ was able to see a large group of pilot whales up close and several dolphins in the distance.
If you are after your Galapagos cruise want to extend the time in paradise, then you can visit the inhabited areas of the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela or Floreana and take day trips there. For water rats, a liveaboard safari to the islands of Wolf and Darwin is the perfect complement.

Good to know

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation What is special about the Samba program?
Active, personal and unique. These three adjectives best describe a day on the samba. Excursions with an experienced nature guide take place several times a day. Due to the familiar group of a maximum of 14 guests, individual interests can also be taken into account.
Watch blue-footed boobies at the wedding dance. Stare into the big, round eyes of a baby sea lion. Marvel at hundreds of marine iguanas sunbathing. Hike over lava fields. Paddle a kayak alongside sea turtles. See a Mola Mola. Swimming with sea lions or snorkeling with hammerhead sharks. Anything is possible with Samba. You are right in the middle of this cruise for active people.
On the northwest route, the small motor sailor Samba also has the rare permit for the Genovesa bird island and the lava pools of Marchena Island. Your visit is a real privilege.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacationAre both cruise routes equally beautiful?
Every island is unique. The wildlife also varies from island to island. This is exactly what makes a cruise in the Galapagos so exciting. If you want to see as many different islands as possible, the Southeast Route is your tour. If, on the other hand, you dream of remote islands that can only be reached by cruise, you are spot on with the northwest route. Of course, the combination of both routes is perfect.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacationIs there good information about nature and animals?
Definitive. The samba nature guides are very well trained. Entertaining information on the way and interesting lectures in the evening are a matter of course. The Samba attaches great importance to high-quality information and the responsible treatment of nature has the highest priority.
From personal experience, AGE ™ can confirm that the Samba nature guide Morris is excellent. He knew the answer to everything and was passionate about it. For science enthusiasts, he even had exciting studies and doctoral theses with him.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Is the samba a local ship?
Yes. The Samba belongs to the Salcedo family from Galapagos and has been in the family for 30 years. As a local family, supporting the Galapagos community and protecting nature reserves is particularly important to the Salcedos. On board you will get to know the country and its people. The entire crew of the Samba comes from the Galapagos. They know and love the islands and want to bring the magic of Galapagos closer to their guests.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation How does Samba support people and the environment?
In the off-season, Samba runs day trips with locals or does projects for people with disabilities. Local people, who otherwise often cannot afford such a tour, get to know the beauty of their homeland and see islands they have never set foot on. Animals and nature become tangible and the desire to preserve these wonders is strengthened.

Background knowledge ideas landmarks vacation Is there anything to consider before a stay?
The equipment on board ranges from functional to comfortable, but not luxurious. In heavy seas, there were occasional problems with the non-return valve in the bathroom, the cabins are small and the storage space is tight. For these reasons, the Samba is rightly considered a mid-range ship, although the crew's work speaks for first-class. Due to the extensive program, you will usually only use the cabin to sleep, shower and change. The language on board is English (guide) and Spanish (crew).
Conclusion: This is not a luxury cruise with a noble suite. But if you dream of a personal island adventure and nature experience, activity and service are important to you, then the samba is hard to beat.

Opening times planning sightseeing vacation When can you get on board?
This depends on the booked itinerary. One possibility is that as soon as you land on Baltra Island, you will be taken to the samba and set sail. Then you can of course move into your cabin immediately and then look forward to a delicious meal, the first shore leave and a dip in the refreshing water.
Another option is that your program begins with a transfer to Santa Cruz Island. Galapagos giant tortoises in the highlands, the twin craters or the Darwin Research Center await you here. Your luggage will of course be transported. Then the samba, your cabin and a delicious meal in Puerto Ayora are ready for you.

Restaurant Cafe Drink Gastronomy Landmark Vacation How is the food on the samba?
The chef was fantastic. The ingredients are fresh, regional and of the best quality. Meat and vegetables come from farms on the inhabited Galapagos Islands. And on the way, the Samba accepts freshly caught fish. The vegetarian dishes were also great. Again and again the kitchen surprised us with delicious snacks for in between meals.
Water, tea and coffee are freely available. Furthermore, juice, lemonade, coconut milk or iced tea were served. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can be purchased if required.

Accomodation / active holiday • South America • Ecuador • Galapagos • Samba motor sailer

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