Galapagos island of Genovesa

Galapagos island of Genovesa

Bird Paradise • Volcanic Craters • Galapagos National Park

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The bird island of the archipelago!

Genovesa is home to 14 km2 a great variety of birds: there are diurnal owls, nocturnal seagulls and sea birds that nest on trees. Genovesa is known for its large red-footed booby colony (Sula sula). But the chances are also good for observing the diurnal short-eared owl (Asio flammeus galapagoensis), which is endemic to the Galapagos. In addition, frigate birds, Nazca boobies, fork-tailed gulls and red-billed tropical birds have set up their nurseries on Genovesa. Galapagos sea lions, Galapagos fur seals and by far the smallest marine iguanas of the Galapagos round off the animal attractions of Genovesa. And as a special extra, you can snorkel with hammerhead sharks in the water-filled caldera.

Genovesa Island

Ecuador • Galapagos • Galapagos trip • Genovesa Island

Discover the wildlife of Genovesa

Frigate birds glide elegantly in the rising winds over Genovesa and we climb ashore from a small dinghy early in the morning. A sea lion baby drinks its morning milk with a loud smack and a tropical bird flies towards the cliffs at lightning speed. The bird island wakes up and my soft yawn gives way to growing enthusiasm. Just a few meters from the beach, two young red-footed boobies are playing with a feather. A funny picture. We walk past countless nests in amazement.


Information on Genovesa Island

Genovesa is located in the northeast of the Galapagos Archipelago. The island emerged from a classic shield volcano, the caldera of which finally collapsed on one side. In fact, the island is a sinking volcano. Since this crater was flooded by the sea, the island has appeared in its typical horseshoe shape today.

Genovesa keeps what its reputation as a bird island promises - wherever you look it flutters, nests and flies. Many rare birds can be wonderfully observed on this island. The feeling of snorkeling in a volcanic crater is also unique and the realistic chance to see hammerhead sharks takes this adventure to the next level.

Explore the underwater world of Genovesa


Ecuador • Galapagos • Galapagos trip • Genovesa Island

AGE ™ visited the Galapagos Island Genovesa for you:

Ship cruise tour boat ferryHow can I reach Genovesa?

Genovesa is an uninhabited island and can only be visited in the company of an official nature guide. Due to the remote location, this is only possible on a cruise lasting several days. Warning, only a few ships have a license for Genovesa.

Background information knowledge tourist attractions vacationWhat can I do on Genovesa?

The island has two visitor sites for shore excursions, both of which offer excellent bird-watching opportunities. Darwin Bay Beach is accessed via a wetlanding, and the Prince Philippe Steps can be accessed from a dinghy. This second shore excursion also includes a beautiful vantage point over the volcano's ocean-filled caldera. Two marine sites promise cooling off and exciting underwater discoveries. Here you snorkel in the middle of a volcanic crater.

Wildlife observation wildlife animal species fauna What animal sightings are likely?

The sighting of numerous red-footed boobies and frigate birds is typical for Genovesa. Many other bird species such as nazca boobies, fork-tailed gulls, red-billed tropical birds and Darwin's finches can be seen regularly. With a little luck you can spot the endemic diurnal short-eared owl on a tour of the lava fields of Prince Philipps Steps. Good binoculars can be an advantage here.
An encounter with Galapagos sea lions is likely at Darwin Bay Beach and you will find Galapagos fur seals on their resting rocks. Marine iguanas are the only reptiles on the island. Their small size, which is typical of Genovesa, requires a trained eye.
There is a realistic chance of meeting hammerhead sharks while snorkeling. Depending on the weather and time of year, however, it can get quite wavy in this area. The quieter snorkeling areas offer colorful fish, the opportunity to see sea turtles and, in spring, a chance for manta rays.

Ticket ship cruise ferry excursion boat How can I book a tour to Genovesa?

Individual cruises also head for the remote island of Genovesa and have permission to land there. First look for ships for the north-west route and then find out exactly whether Genovesa is part of the excursion program of your dream cruise. AGE ™ has Genovesa at one Galapagos cruise with the motor sailer Samba .

A wonderful place!

5 reasons for a trip to Genovesa

Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Island with a great variety of bird species
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Large colony of red-footed boobies
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences endemic diurnal short-eared owl
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Chance to snorkel with hammerhead sharks
Sightseeing vacation recommendation travel experiences Off the beaten path

Genovesa island profile

Name Island Area Location Country Namur Spanish: Genovesa
English: Tower Island
Profile size weight area Size 14 km2
Profile of the origin of the earth history Age approx. 700.000 years -> one of the younger Galapagos Islands (first appearance above sea level)
Wanted poster habitat earth ocean vegetation animals vegetation Palo Santo trees, salt bushes, cactus trees
Wanted poster animals way of life animal lexicon animal world animal species  Wildlife Mammals: Galapagos sea lions, Galapagos fur seals

Reptiles: marine iguanas (smallest subspecies)

Birds: Red-footed booby, frigate bird, Nazca booby, Galapagos short-eared owl, fork-tailed gull, red-billed tropical bird, Darwin finch, Galapagos falcon

Profile Animal Welfare Nature Conservation Protected Areas Protection status Uninhabited island
Visit only with an official nature guide
severely limited licenses for a shore leave

Ecuador • Galapagos • Galapagos trip • Genovesa Island

Maps route planner directions sightseeing vacationWhere is Genovesa Island located?

Genovesa is an island in the Galapagos National Park. The Galapagos Archipelago is a two-hour flight from mainland Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. Genovesa is located in the northeast of the Galapagos Archipelago, just behind the equator line. To reach the remote island, it takes around twelve hours to drive from Santa Cruz.

Fact sheet Weather Climate table Temperature Best travel time How is the weather in Galapagos?

Temperatures are between 20 and 30 ° C all year round. December to June is the hot season and July to November is the warm season. The rainy season lasts from January to May, the rest of the year is dry season. During the rainy season, the water temperature is highest at around 26 ° C. In the dry season it drops to 22 ° C.
Ecuador • Galapagos • Galapagos trip • Genovesa Island

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Ecuador • Galapagos • Galapagos trip • Genovesa Island
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