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Are you looking for a special experience?

Get inspired by AGE™! A selection of activities: from diving and snorkeling to safaris and northern lights to whale watching. Experience special things or plan an active holiday? For example, you can watch whales, explore an ice cave or feel the heat of real lava. Enjoy the special. All reports are based on personal experiences.

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Active and mobile

Watching Sea Turtles While Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: A Magical Encounter! Slow down and enjoy the moment. Watching sea turtles is a special gift.

Coral reefs, drift diving, colorful reef fish and manta rays. Snorkeling and diving in Komodo National Park is still an insider tip.

Shipwrecks, caves, rock arches, canyons and underwater mountains. Diving in Malta is known for its spectacular underwater scenery.

Peaceful giants! On a first-name basis with the largest fish on earth. You will experience real goosebumps when swimming with whale sharks. The world's largest shark is a harmless plankton eater. To swim …

The Sea Spirit offers adventure and comfort for ~100 guests: Experience the longed-for destination of Antarctica and the animal paradise of South Georgia on a cruise.

A ride on Icelandic horses • Iceland active holidays & horseback riding holidays: Horseback riding on Iceland holidays. In tölt over lava fields! Iceland has numerous horse farms. Riding Holidays for Children & Adults • Icelanders

Coral reefs, dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles. For lovers of the underwater world, snorkeling and diving in Egypt is a dream destination.

In Iceland you can go whale watching with Elding right in the capital. A view of the Reykjavik skyline is included. Whale Tours in Reykjavik Iceland with Elding Whale Watching…

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