Observation of sea turtles

Observation of sea turtles

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A magical encounter!

Spending time underwater with these likeable creatures is fascinating and relaxing at the same time. Sea turtles have time. They glide along with quiet, deliberate flippers. Emerge, descend and eat. The observation of sea turtles decelerates. You can spot these rare reptiles in a variety of places: swimming in the deep blue of the ocean, lounging between rocks or in the seaweed, and sometimes even very close to the beach. Every encounter is a gift. Please never try to touch a turtle. You will scare them and can spread diseases between animals. A herpes virus, for example, causes tumor-like growths to grow on the turtle's eyelids. Please don't start a battue, just let yourself drift. If you let yourself go with the current, the animals stay calm and sometimes even swim under or towards you. Then you pose no danger. This way you can observe sea turtles without disturbing them. Let yourself be carried away, enjoy the special sight and take a piece of peace and happiness home with you in your heart.

Let yourself slow down and enjoy the moment ...

All thoughts are gone, all haste is erased. I live the moment, share the same wave with a green sea turtle. Calm surrounds me. And happily I let myself go. It seems to me that the world is spinning in slow motion as the beautiful animal glides through the water with effortless elegance. When she finally starts to eat, I hold onto the rock carefully. I want to admire this wonderful creature for a moment. Fascinated, I watch how she tilts her head to the side almost imperceptibly, then pushes it forward with great motivation and with relish biting into the vegetation of the rocks. Suddenly she changes direction and grazes straight towards me. My heart leaps and breathlessly I watch the grinding jaws, their calm movements and the delicate lines that the sun draws on the shimmering shell. The green sea turtle slowly turns its head and for a long, wonderful moment we look each other straight in the eye. It slides towards me and past me. So close that I pull both hands to my body so as not to accidentally touch the animal. She sits down on the rock behind me and continues her meal. And while the next wave gently carries me in a different direction, I am accompanied by a deep feeling of peace. "


Wildlife ViewingDiving and Snorkeling • Observation of sea turtles • Diashow

sea ​​turtles in Egypt

The Abbu Dabbab Beach is known for numerous sea turtles that eat seaweed in the gently sloping bay. Even while snorkeling you have the best chance of encountering several green sea turtles. Please respect the animals and do not disturb them while they are eating.
Also in many others Diving spots around Marsa Alam Divers and snorkelers can spot green sea turtles. For example at Marsa Egla, where you also have chances of sighting a dugong. Egypt's underwater world offers you the Diving and snorkeling in Egypt a wonderful addition to the numerous cultural treasures of the country.

sea ​​turtles in Galapagos

Green sea turtles are found in the waters around the Galapagos Archipelago and cavort on several coasts. On a half day tour from Isabela to the tunnels or on one Galapagos cruise at Punta Vicente Roca on the Isabela's back you have the best chances to experience a larger number of the beautiful animals with just one snorkeling trip. Also on the beaches and the west coast of San Cristobal sea ​​turtles are frequent guests. At Kicker Rock, the hammerheads are the highlight for divers, but sea turtles can also often be seen around the steep face.
On the beach at Punta Cormorant from Floreana Swimming is forbidden, but with a bit of luck you can watch the mating of sea turtles from land here in spring. You can reach this beach by day trip from Santa Cruz or with one Galapagos cruise. This area is not accessible during a private stay on Floreana. The Galapagos wildlife underwater inspires with its biodiversity.

sea ​​turtles in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is not just that Home of the Komodo dragons, but also a true underwater paradise. Diving and snorkeling in Komodo National Park known worldwide for its extensive coral reefs and biodiversity. You can also observe sea turtles in Komodo National Park: for example green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles and loggerhead turtles;
Siaba Besar (Turtle City) is located in a sheltered bay and is a good destination for snorkelers who want to see sea turtles. But also in numerous diving areas such as Tatawa Besar, The Cauldron or Crystal rock you can often see sea turtles. The elegant swimmers can even be seen regularly on the well-known Pink Beach on the island of Komodo.

Sea turtles in Mexico

The beach Akumal Cancun is a well-known snorkeling spot for watching sea turtles. Green sea turtles frolic in the seagrass fields and enjoy a tasty meal. Please note that there are protected areas that are closed to snorkelers. There are rest areas for the turtles here.
On the beach of All Saints In the Baja California, sea turtles lay their eggs. Olive ridged turtles, black sea turtles and leatherback turtles provide for offspring here. the Tortugueros Las Playitas AC turtle hatchery looks after the eggs in shelters on the beach. Tourists can witness the release of the hatchlings into the sea (around December to March).

Wildlife ViewingDiving and Snorkeling • Observation of sea turtles • Diashow

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Wildlife ViewingDiving and Snorkeling • Observation of sea turtles • Diashow

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