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From the desert over the eternal ice to the depths of the oceans.

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Do you love the beauty of nature?

Let AGE ™ inspire you! Here you will find a selection of paradises in our world: From the desert to the eternal ice to the depths of the oceans. Experience the world natural heritage, plan an active holiday; Wanderings to the end of the world; Enjoy, for example, the Galapagos National Park, the Wadi Rum desert and Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull.

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nature and landscape

Monacobreen is a tidal glacier in Svalbard. Tourists on a boat trip can visit its impressive escarpment by zodiac.

The Wadi Rum desert is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Jordan's highlights. Our desert safari with petroglyphs in Khazali Canyon …

The Wadi Rum desert holds many gifts that we can discover if we enjoy the magic of this unique place with open eyes and open hearts.

Glistening glacial ice and dark volcanic ash. Katla Dragon Glass Ice Cave in Vik combines Iceland's forces of nature.

Visiting the lava cave Viðgelmir in Iceland: The Cave Vidgelmir was created during the volcanic eruption in the year 900. The lava tunnel is over 1,5 km long and up to 16 meters high.

The uninhabited Galapagos Island of Espanola is a haven for wildlife viewing. Here there are Galapagos albatrosses and motley marine iguanas.

Genovesa the Bird Island: Excellent bird watching opportunities. The ocean-filled volcanic crater is a true animal paradise.

Exciting facts and stories about the natural ice palace in the Hintertux Glacier: discovery, research, world records and more...

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