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Discover destinations in the AGE™ travel magazine

Antarctica • Galapagos • Jordan • Svalbard • Iceland • Malta

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Get inspired by AGE™! Here you will find free travel guides: From the UNESCO World Heritage Galapagos Islands to Iceland, Petra Jordan, Malta and Egypt to the penguins of Antarctica. active holiday diving & hiking; Exceptional Accommodations; deserts & rainforests; ice caves. Discover rare species such as Orca in Norway, Mola Mola in Galapagos, Dudong in Egypt and Whale Shark in Mexico...

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Svalbard Travel Guide: Svalbard Sights and Activities • Arctic Animals: Polar Bears, Walruses, Arctic Foxes, Reindeer • Culture & History

Iceland Travel Guide • Attractions • Reykjavik Sights • Whales & Fjords • Icelandic Horses • Europe's Largest Glacier • Icebergs & Volcanoes • Golden Circle & Ringroad by Campervan

Egypt Travel Guides and Destinations: Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum Cairo, Luxor Temples and Royal Tombs, Red Sea Diving…

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