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Historic Gravneset in beautiful Magdalenefjorden, Svalbard

Historical cemetery • Whaling station • Fjord landscape & glaciers

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Arctic – Svalbard Archipelago

Main island of Svalbard

Gravneset & Magdalenefjorden

The Magdalenefjorden is located in the northwest of the Spitsbergen Island and belongs to the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park. Here, glaciers meet sandy beaches and rugged mountains meet tundra with mosses and arctic flowers: That's why it is considered one of the most beautiful fjords in Svalbard.

Gravneset is a historical place in the Magdalenefjorden. Known as one of Svalbard's largest historic cemeteries, it was the site of an English whaling station in the early 17th century and also played an important role in the early history of exploration. In Gravneset, Willem Barentsz formally took possession of Svalbard for the Netherlands in 1596.

Hut near Gravneset - historical whaling place Spitsbergen Svalbard

Gravneset is an important historical place in Svalbard in the beautiful Magdalenefjorden and surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Because Gravneset combines the history of Svalbard with the varied beauty of the Magdalenefjorden, cruise ships visit this place regularly. Unfortunately, tourists desecrated the graves in the 20th century, so the remains are now cordoned off. However, the memorial plaque for the grave site and the remains of the oil furnaces of the former whaling station are still accessible.

Arctic terns and little grebes are common in Gravneset. With a bit of luck, seals or walruses can also be spotted in the fjord during a zodiac trip. If the weather is good, you can take the beautiful hike from Gravneset along the Gullybukta and further to the Gullybreen glacier. Adventurous souls can even enter the glacier. In the AGE™ experience report “Cruise Spitsbergen: Midnight Sun & Calving Glaciers” we take you on a journey

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Svalbard Travel GuideSvalbard tripSpitsbergen • Gravneset & Magdalenefjorden • Experience report cruise Spitsbergen

Inscription on the memorial plaque at Gravneset

The inscription on the memorial plaque is written above the map in Norwegian and below the map in English.
The English text is as follows:
Cultural monuments
Whaling station and burial ground 1612 – 1800.
The Whaling station was used by
Dutch, English and Basque Expeditions 1612 – 1650.
British, Dutch and German Whalers are buried here.
The map shows graves and blubber cookeries.
It is forbidden to walk in the burial area.
The monuments are protected by law.
Memorial plaque - Gravneset Historical Place - Whaling History Spitsbergen Svalbard
Svalbard Travel GuideSvalbard tripSpitsbergen • Gravneset & Magdalenefjorden • Experience report cruise Spitsbergen

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Svalbard Travel GuideSvalbard tripSpitsbergen • Gravneset & Magdalenefjorden • Experience report cruise Spitsbergen

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