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Desert Wadi Rum Jordan Highlights

Wadi Rum Desert • UNESCO World Heritage • Jordan Highlights

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Fancy a desert safari in Wadi Rum Jordan?

Get inspired by AGE™! The Wadi Rum desert is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Jordan's highlights. On a desert safari you can discover a lot: eg desert camps; Petroglyphs in Khazali Canyon; Lawrance of Arabia Stories; rock formations; stone bridges, Bedouins with camels; Traditional music ...

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Wadi Rum Desert Jordan Travel Guide

Wadi Rum Jordan the UNESCO World Heritage is a 700 square meter stone and sand desert from the picture book ...

The 10 most popular attractions in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan:

Wadi Rum Visitor Center: Here visitors can learn information about the Wadi Rum desert, including the local flora and fauna as well as the cultural significance of the region. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is well developed for tourism and offers desert visitors a lot of comfort. We hope that the information we have compiled will also provide you with good help in planning and preparing for your trip.

Bedouin camps: There are various Bedouin camps in the Wadi Rum desert where you have the opportunity to experience the hospitality of the Bedouin culture live and taste traditional dishes. There is a variety of accommodation and accommodation options in almost all price ranges. Camp bookings can be easily made online in advance.

desert safari: Nowadays, jeeps drive through the Wadi Rum desert. Where Bedouins used to move with their camels, off-road vehicles now drive. Numerous jeep safari providers take visitors from all over the world to various sights and attractions deep in the desert.

Lawrence's Spring: This is a natural spring said to have been used by TE Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia). It lies in the middle of the desert landscape and offers a picturesque backdrop.

Ruins of Lawrence's House: This ruin in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert is said to have long ago belonged to the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.

Around Fruth Rock Bridge: One of the most impressive natural rock bridges in Wadi Rum, suitable for hiking and photography. It is also known as Um Frouth Rock Arch.

Khazali Canyon: This narrow canyon is known for its petroglyphs and rock carvings and offers a glimpse into the region's history and culture.

Red sand dunes: The Wadi Rum desert also has some impressive sand dunes that are suitable for living a true desert experience.

Archaeological sites: There are archaeological sites in the desert, including remains of ancient settlements and temples, which provide insight into the region's past.

Stargazing: The Wadi Rum desert is an excellent place for stargazing due to its low light pollution. Especially on the clear desert night there is an impressive starry sky.

Jebel Rum: This is the highest mountain in Jordan outside the Dana Nature Reserve. It is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts and offers breathtaking views of the desert landscape.

These attractions offer a wide range of ways to experience and appreciate the natural beauty, culture and history of Jordan's Wadi Rum desert.

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Desert Wadi Rum Jordan Highlights

Desert Safari in Wadi Rum, Jordan Discover highlights in the AgeTM travel magazine. Stay in the desert camp, follow in the footsteps of Laurent of Arabia or hike to the world heritage site of Petra Jordan...

A tea with traditional music sweetens the lunch break in Wadi Rum. Perhaps there is also a little Bedouin magic in the air, because in our own hands the peculiar musical instrument suddenly becomes stubborn - after a few strange attempts we are happy to listen to the stubborn but wonderfully melodic sound again, the practiced finger...

Rock bridge Um Fruth in the desert - Wadi Rum UNSECO World Heritage Jordan - Sight Desert Wadi Rum Jordan: The stone bridge Um Frouth Rock Arch attracts tourists from all over the world. • Attraction • Desert Safari • Photo opportunity

Legend of Lawrence of Arabia: The story of Lawrence of Arabia and the ruins of his house reflect complex transformations belonging to the desert region.

Jeep Tour: The stone bridge Little Bridge offers beautiful photo opportunities, is easy to climb and a popular tourist attraction.

This funny free-standing rock, whose shape is reminiscent of a mushroom, serves as a quick photo stop on some jeep tours through Wadi Rum. It is fascinating what nature creates and shapes. Wadi Rum offers numerous interesting rock formations. Jordan • Wadi Rum Desert • Highlights Wadi Rum • Desert Safari Wadi Rum …

JordanWadi Rum travel guide • Wadi Rum sights • Jeep tour in Wadi Rum

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